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Jim Jordan May Subpoena NY AG Over Ex-DOJ Official In Trump Case

 June 20, 2024

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is intensifying his scrutiny over handling a hush-money case involving former President Donald Trump. This inquiry focuses explicitly on Mark Colangelo, a former Justice Department official, now part of the prosecution team. Jordan has raised concerns about potential political motivations behind these legal actions.

On Tuesday, Fox News reported that Jim Jordan demanded answers from N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James regarding a former DOJ official linked to Trump's prosecution, underlining worries about a politicized judicial process.

On May 15, the committee initially issued the request for information to Attorney General Letitia James, highlighting the involvement of Mark Colangelo.

Mark Colangelo had previously worked in the New York Attorney General's Office, later served as a senior official in the Justice Department during the Biden Administration, and then moved to the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

Deadline Passed Without Response From NY AG Letitia James

Jim Jordan set a deadline of May 29 for James to provide the requested information, but her office did not respond. Because of this unmet deadline, Jordan now threatens to issue a subpoena to compel the information if it is not forthcoming. He emphasizes the need to oversee state and local prosecutions, which he suspects could be influenced by political bias.

Supreme Court precedent and Rule X of the House Rules support the Judiciary Committee's oversight role, underlining Congress's broad powers in such matters. This forms the basis of Jordan's authority to demand these details.

Rising Concerns Over Politically Motivated Prosecutions

In his communications, Jordan emphasized his concerns about the potential misuse of prosecutorial power, explicitly noting the behavior of Alvin Bragg, Manhattan's DA. He criticized Bragg's actions as an 'unprecedented abuse of authority' in prosecuting a leading political figure, a former President, and a candidate for office.

"Popularly elected prosecutors like Alvin Bragg have engaged in an unprecedented abuse of authority," Jordan stated, underscoring the critical nature of this oversight.

Moreover, Colangelo's significant role in Trump's prosecution, including delivering opening statements and handling key witnesses, adds another layer of interest for the Committee.

Subpoena Threats Amid Escalating DOJ Inquiries

Jim Jordan also reached out to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, seeking clarity on the Department of Justice's involvement with the state's prosecution, but Garland responded by distinguishing the DA's office as a separate entity.

This response did little to assuage concerns regarding federal involvement or influence in the prosecution led by state officials.

Tension over this case escalates just as Alvin Bragg, alongside Mark Colangelo, prepares to testify before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Their testimony is scheduled for July 12, a day after Trump's sentencing, which will likely fuel more scrutiny and debate over the case's handling.

Scheduled Testimonies and Ongoing Investigations

Alvin Bragg, handling his first term as Manhattan DA, pursued a separate tax fraud case against Trump's company before indicting the former President himself. The focus now turns to his upcoming testimony and that of Colangelo, which could provide pivotal insights into the Manhattan DA's office's internal workings and decision-making processes during these high-profile cases.

The broader implications of this inquiry reflect not only on the specific case of Donald Trump but on the integrity and impartiality expected of judicial processes, especially in politically sensitive contexts.

In conclusion, Jim Jordan's efforts to investigate the roles of Mark Colangelo and Alvin Bragg in prosecuting former President Donald Trump highlight a deep-seated concern about the objectivity of legal proceedings in politically charged cases.

Through subpoenas and direct inquiries, Jordan seeks to ensure that these prosecutions are not unduly influenced by political bias and that former and potentially future presidents are treated with lawful impartiality under the U.S. judicial system. Meanwhile, the upcoming testimonies of Bragg and Colangelo could shed further light on these contentious matters.