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Joe Biden Calls For Congressional Action On Bump Stocks After Supreme Court Ruling

 June 16, 2024

In a direct response to the Supreme Court's recent ruling, President Joe Biden has publicly urged Congress to enact legislation banning bump stocks and to strengthen other gun control laws.

Just hours following a judicial blow to existing firearm regulations, President Biden took to social media to demand immediate legislative action on gun control, Breitbart reported.

The call came after the Supreme Court struck down the ATF's bump stock ban, a regulatory measure once seen as a critical step in curbing gun violence. Biden expressed his disappointment and urgency on X, a popular social media platform, emphasizing the need for legislative action to prevent further tragedies.

Biden Advocates For Comprehensive Gun Control Legislation

President Biden advocated for a broader set of gun control measures alongside his call for a bump stock ban. These include a ban on assault weapons and enhancements to existing laws to save lives. The urgency of Biden's message was palpable as he pressed Congress to act decisively.

"In today's Supreme Court decision strikes down an important gun safety regulation. We know thoughts and prayers are not enough. I call on Congress to ban bump stocks, pass an assault weapon ban, and take action to save lives – send me a bill, and I will sign it immediately," Biden stated in his X post.

Recent Judicial Setbacks To Gun Control Efforts

President Biden's Administration has faced several judicial challenges to its gun control initiatives. Notably, just days before the bump stock ruling, Gun Owners of America secured a preliminary injunction against the ATF's rule on background checks, as reported by Breitbart News.

Following closely, the Firearms Policy Coalition succeeded in vacating the ATF's universal background check rule; a decision currently open for appeal to the Fifth Circuit.

However, the sequence of legal setbacks outlines the challenges faced by the Administration in its efforts to enforce stricter gun control measures amidst a complex judicial landscape.

Historical Measures Against Gun Violence Under Biden

Despite these challenges, Biden's Administration has made significant strides in gun violence prevention. This includes signing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, considered the most critical legislation in nearly three decades.

"Notwithstanding this decision, my Administration will continue to take action. I took on the NRA and signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act — the most significant gun violence reduction legislation to pass Congress in nearly 30 years," Biden elaborated in a statement.

Moreover, the creation of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and significant investments in mental health initiatives further underscore the Administration's commitment to addressing this crisis.

Continued Efforts To Strengthen Gun Control

Biden's extended statement on X reflects a comprehensive approach to gun control, detailing past and ongoing efforts to mitigate gun violence. This includes expanding background checks and other regulatory measures implemented by his ATF.

The president's call for congressional action is about responding to the recent judicial rulings and building on the legislative groundwork laid by previous measures.

As the political and legal battles over gun control continue, the Administration remains committed to its agenda of reducing gun violence despite facing opposition at various judicial levels.

Public Reaction and Potential Congressional Movement

In the wake of these judicial rulings and Biden's call to action, the public and congressional response will be critical in determining the future of gun control legislation in the United States.

With Biden's apparent willingness to sign new legislation, the ball is now in Congress's court to take the necessary steps to address the loopholes and deficiencies in current gun control laws.

Therefore, the coming weeks are expected to be pivotal as lawmakers grapple with the Administration's proposals and the broader implications of recent Supreme Court decisions.

Conclusion: A Renewed Push for Gun Control

In conclusion, President Biden's immediate response to the Supreme Court's ruling reflects a broader administration strategy aimed at comprehensive gun control.

Biden has reiterated his commitment to reducing gun violence through legislative means, calling on Congress to act swiftly in the face of judicial setbacks.

With significant measures already in place and a clear call for new legislation, the Administration is poised to continue its fight against gun violence, urging bipartisan support to enact effective laws.