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The results are in, and Joe Biden should take a mental acuity test, Trump says

 September 13, 2023

Former President Donald Trump contends that a recent Wall Street Journal poll was crafted to assure Americans of Joe Biden's cognitive readiness for the presidency.

In a bold move, Trump has thrown down the gauntlet, urging media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, President Joe Biden, and the leadership at the Wall Street Journal to undertake mental sharpness assessments, as America Insider reported.

Trump was vocally critical of the WSJ poll, describing it as potentially dishonest and tailored to mitigate concerns about Biden's mental health.

The former president said, "Well, I hereby challenge Rupert Murdoch & Sons, Biden, WSJ heads, to acuity tests!"

U.S. Immigration Crisis: An Ongoing Debate

Additionally, Trump voiced concerns over Biden's handling of the migration situation.

He declared that the U.S. is a "laughingstock" under Biden due to the historic and unprecedented illegal immigration crisis. He described Biden as a "clown" who struggles to link two sentences coherently.

During a recent press briefing, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre remarked, "The President has done more to secure the border and to deal with the issue of immigration than anybody else. He really has."

However, critics suggest that the Democrats should own the responsibility for the unparalleled migration crisis.

The U.S. immigration infrastructure is in turmoil, they contend, especially under Biden's administration, with the nation facing an extraordinary immigration challenge.

In 2022, the number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the U.S. southern boundary reached a historic peak. This figure marked a staggering 200% surge compared to the statistics from Trump's last year in office.

Policies and Consequences: A Comparative Look

During Trump's tenure, the U.S. witnessed a sharp reduction in illegal immigration, to levels not seen in four decades. Contrastingly, Biden's term has shown the most elevated rate in over six decades.

General Michael Flynn, having observed the situation firsthand, characterizes the circumstances under Biden as a "mass invasion" that is "out of control."

Biden's decision to roll back Trump's "Remain in Mexico" initiative was a significant policy change. This strategy compelled non-U.S. citizens, aiming to enter the country illegally or without the necessary paperwork via the southern border, to be returned to Mexico. This approach ensured they remained in Mexico pending the resolution of their legal proceedings.

However, Biden's choice to revoke this strategy arguably sent out an open invitation, suggesting that entry into the U.S. was permissible, even if it was in contravention of the law.

Though Biden and the Democrats had criticized Trump's policy, labeling it "racist" and "xenophobic," it resulted in approximately 68,000 migrants being sent back to Mexico during its tenure, according to data from the Department of Homeland Security.

In contrast, Biden's policy allows asylum-seekers to enter the U.S. before their legal hearings -- a move that has met with strong Republican resistance. The Democratic approach of permitting migrants into the U.S. potentially allows them to disappear before their scheduled court appearances.

To tackle this, the White House has confirmed its policy of issuing complimentary cell phones to some illegal immigrants, hoping to maintain contact and ensure they remain accessible for their court dates. Though Biden asserts that he's fortified the border more than any predecessor, evidence suggests that the opposite is true.