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Joe Biden's Approval Rating Dips to Record Low of 37.4%

 June 11, 2024

President Joe Biden's approval rating has dropped to an all-time low of 37.4% amid ongoing challenges on multiple fronts, including immigration, the economy, and international conflicts.

This decline in approval comes as Biden braces for the November 2024 election, a race in which recent polls show Donald Trump slightly ahead, as the Post Millennial reports.

Record Low Approval Rating Amid Crises

On Monday, President Biden's approval rating, as reported by Nate Rakich, senior elections analyst at 538, fell to 37.4%. This marks the lowest point for Biden since taking office. Several factors contribute to this downturn, with immigration prominently featured among the causes.

The southern border's ongoing immigration crisis plays a significant role in the public's discontent. This issue, coupled with wars in the Middle East and the conflict in Ukraine, has created an environment of uncertainty and frustration.

President Biden's attempts to address immigration through executive actions have not alleviated concerns. Despite his efforts, it’s projected that over 1.5 million illegal immigrants could still enter the United States annually.

Comparing Presidential Approval Ratings

The comparison between Biden and Trump at comparable points in their presidencies reveals noticeable differences. At day 1,238 of his term, former President Trump's approval rating stood at 40.8%, which, although low, was still higher than Biden's current rating.

The economic situation is another significant factor influencing Biden's approval rating. Issues such as inflation and economic stability remain at the forefront of voters' concerns, overshadowing other issues like race, diversity, and climate change.

Additionally, a recent poll highlights a surprising trend regarding public opinion on immigration enforcement. About 62% of Americans, including a significant portion of Hispanic voters, support mass deportation efforts.

Implications for the Upcoming Election

These metrics underline a challenging scenario for Biden as the 2024 election draws near. The latest polling averages from 538 reveal a tight race, with Trump currently ahead by one percentage point if the election were to occur today.

Biden’s administration has faced criticism for its handling of immigration policies. Despite executive actions aimed at mitigating the crisis, the outcome has not met public expectations, contributing to the growing sense of disillusionment among voters.

The wars in the Middle East and the conflict in Ukraine are other significant factors driving disapproval. The administration's approach to these international crises has not instilled confidence across all segments of the American populace.

Focus on Economy and Inflation

The president's handling of the economy also plays a crucial role in his approval rating. Inflation, specifically, has emerged as a critical issue impacting public opinion. Voters are increasingly concerned about economic stability and rising prices.

Despite these challenges, issues like race and diversity, along with climate change, are not among the top concerns for most Americans. This shift in priorities indicates where the electorate’s focus lies as the next election approaches.

Rakich, in his report, emphasized the significance of Biden's approval rating dropping to 37.4%. This figure represents a critical low point for the administration, highlighting the myriad challenges faced over the past year.

Comparative Analysis with Trump’s Term

Drawing comparisons between Biden and Trump serves to contextualize the current political environment. At a similar point during Trump’s presidency, his approval rating was marginally higher, indicating relatively greater support despite various controversies.

For Biden, surpassing Trump in the upcoming 2024 election has become increasingly uncertain. The tight poll numbers reflect a contentious political landscape, with both candidates facing divided public opinion.

The current focus on immigration and economic issues will undoubtedly shape the rhetoric and strategies deployed by both campaigns. As Biden’s approval rating lingers at historic lows, his team will need to reassess and recalibrate their approach to key issues.

Conclusion on Biden’s Status

The decline to a record low approval rating of 37.4% highlights a troubling period for President Joe Biden.

With the upcoming 2024 election and pressing issues like immigration, economic instability, and international conflicts, the administration faces significant challenges.

The electorate's focus on these areas, coupled with historical comparisons to Trump's presidency, underscores the difficulties Biden must navigate to secure a favorable outcome in November.