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Joe Manchin praises McCarthy for debt ceiling plan, scolds Biden for lack of leadership

 April 22, 2023

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted President Joe Biden over his lack of leadership concerning the nation's debt limit.

Manchin shared the concern in a statement released on Thursday.

The statement

“Our elected leaders must stop with the political games, work together and negotiate a compromise. Instead, it has been more than 78 days since President Biden last met with Speaker McCarthy. This signals a deficiency of leadership, and it must change,” Manchin said in a statement.

He said “we are long past time for our elected leaders to sit down and discuss how to solve this impending debt ceiling crisis.”

Applauding Speaker McCarthy

Manchin also expressed positive words about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's efforts to compromise and work together on a debt limit plan.

“While it is reasonable to sincerely disagree with any specific debt ceiling approach, we will achieve a historic default, and the economic whirlwind which follows, if President Biden continues to refuse to even negotiate a reasonable and commonsense compromise,” Manchin noted.

“To that end, I applaud Speaker McCarthy for putting forward a proposal that would prevent default and rein in federal spending,” he added. “While I do not agree with everything proposed, the fact of the matter is that it is the only bill actually moving through Congress that would prevent default.”

A deficiency of leadership

"McCarthy recently introduced a budget plan that would return expenditures to fiscal year 2022 levels, raise the debt ceiling for the next year, and limit annual spending growth to 1% over the next decade," the Daily Wire reported.

"The plan mirrors a proposal introduced by the House Freedom Caucus, a bloc of conservative Republicans who said they would consider voting to raise the debt ceiling contingent upon acceptance of their framework," it continued.

The strong statement from Manchin comes as he has yet to announce plans to run for reelection in his home state in 2024. He is the only Democrat up for vote in the election who has yet to make an announcement.

"He has said he will not announce until December his future plans – which he's indicated could include running for reelection, retiring from politics or waging a bid for the White House in 2024," according to ABC News.

"A reelection bid would put in play for Democrats a Senate seat that observers believe only Manchin could realistically win for them, given his track record and how West Virginia has increasingly favored Republicans," it continued.

The ongoing conflict between Manchin and Biden may continue as Democrats push a radical agenda and the West Virginia senator seeks to remain more moderate as part of his plans to continue in his home state.