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Joe Rogan and his guests are being targeted by Media Matters

 May 31, 2023

On Wednesday, Media Matters and The Verge published articles that distorted both the facts and the references regarding the connection between Earth's magnetic field and potential climate impacts.

The articles focused on a specific concept within pole shift theory known as the "Adam and Eve" hypothesis. This theory proposes that a rapid switch in the Earth's magnetic poles would trigger catastrophic climate and environmental changes, the Daily Caller reported.

This hypothesis has been featured on the popular podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience" (JRE) and other platforms such as "The Why Files." The coverage presented the hypothesis as one of numerous complex yet not fully comprehended concepts within the realm of climate science.

Misrepresentation of Discussions

Segments from these discussions were isolated and circulated on the internet, giving the false impression that Rogan and his guests were advocating for this particular theory as the primary cause of climate change. Media Matters and The Verge capitalized on these viral videos, accusing Rogan and his peers of promoting misinformation and conspiracy theories.

There is ongoing scientific discourse regarding the correlation between Earth's magnetic field and climate change. Such discussions often form a significant component of academic studies on climate change, focusing on topics like the pole shift theory and its impact on the climate and Earth's core, guided by esteemed professors.

Neglecting Vital Communications

The articles in question disregarded and misrepresented private communications with the sources utilized which may have revealed a more nuanced picture of the situation.

Exclusive emails shared with The Daily Caller reveal that Justine Calma from Vox Media contacted Jimmy Corsetti, a military veteran and guest on JRE, to discuss a viral clip of him explaining how data indicates Earth's climate is often more cold than warm.

In her email, Calma argued that Corsetti's statements contradicted mainstream climate science and Earth's magnetic field science. She claimed that such content violated TikTok's new climate misinformation policy.

Corsetti replied with various sources and papers discussing these emerging scientific fields, none of which Calma included in her article.

Corsetti also clarified in his emails that the JRE clip showed him differentiating between the "mainstream scientific view" on pole shifts and the "Adam and Eve" hypothesis. He emphasized that the latter "is certainly not considered accepted science."

Ignoring Clarifications

Calma dismissed Corsetti’s explanation as "nonsensical" and chose not to consider his email and comments, even though The Verge had published his comment clarifying his statements.

“The Media Matters article contains blatant misinformation that could be verified by anyone that reads the CIA's Adam & Eve story. The mention of Jesus Christ living in India and traveling on a Spaceship is completely and totally fabricated,” Corsetti told the Daily Caller.

 The Worrying Trend

There have been several reported instances where scientists and researchers claimed that their perspectives are not being adequately represented in popular culture.

As academic archaeologists lose their jobs without justification, establishment entities seem more determined than ever to mislead the public on various subjects.

The fiasco, which ignited a storm on Twitter, is reminiscent of the Society for American Archaeologists accusing Netflix host and author Graham Hancock of racism without providing any concrete evidence or commentary to substantiate their accusation. This situation raises eyebrows and prompts deeper inquiries into the motives behind these instances of targeted discrediting.

Pole Shift Science - A Field in Progress

There seems to be a concerted effort to launch an exaggerated offensive against Rogan and Corsetti based on a scientific hypothesis they were merely exploring as part of an evolving field of study. Some observers have suggested that these situations could contribute to a perceived pattern of misrepresentation or distortion of facts, potentially impacting the course of scientific discourse.

The Daily Caller suggests that the study of pole shifts and their potential effects on our climate continues to evolve, and that comprehensive examination of science is needed to ascertain the precise influence of our magnetic field and cosmos on weather variations.