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Joe Rogan says he would not have Putin on his podcast

 March 16, 2023

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has a reputation for being willing to interview just about anyone on his show, but even he will draw the line against some prospective guests.

Rogan revealed on Tuesday that he would never invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to his program since he is an "evil" dictator and a "different kind of human," the Daily Mail reported.

Rogan not interested in meeting with Putin

On Tuesday's episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience," Rogan's guest was fellow podcaster and comedian Bert Kreischer, who at one point joked, "You know, Putin's gotta listen to your podcast, right?" to which Rogan sarcastically replied, "I hope so. 'Hey, what's up bro?'"

Kreischer asked Rogan if he'd be open to ever meeting with Putin, but Rogan said "nay" and shared an anecdote about a 2005 meeting between New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the Russian president in which Putin is alleged to have stolen one of Kraft's Super Bowl rings.

The comedian then said, "What about the prospect of you hanging out with Putin and turning him into a cooler dude," but that just triggered a rant in reply from Rogan.

Putin is "obviously evil"

"Are you out of your f--king mind?" Rogan said, according to Mediaite. "Yeah. 'Hey, forget about all those people that you killed that were your political opponents. Let’s be cool now. Just be a different person, now.

"'Be a totally different human with a totally different background that wasn’t in the KGB, that isn’t a dictator, that doesn’t control information and control what news gets distributed to your people,'" he continued, "'that doesn't have a lockdown on the internet, and is in complete control of all the oligarchs in your country.'"

"'To the point that they're so embedded with you that when you go to war with Ukraine they steal the oligarchs' yachts because they confiscate them because they shouldn't have the money that they have, because the only way they can have the money they have is if they're in cahoots with you, and you're obviously evil,'" Rogan added in his hypothetical monologue toward Putin.

Kreischer, who laughed throughout much of Rogan's anti-Putin rant, joked, "You're never going to get an invite talking this way," to which Rogan fired back, "Yeah, it's not my gig."

North Korea's Kim vs. U.S. presidents

Rogan's guest went on to express his interest in one day meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but according to Mediaite, the host said, "What interests me is Trump meeting him. That was interesting. After he called him 'Little Rocket Man' -- goes to meet him. Shakes his hand. They’re all smiling. That’s an awful game."

"I mean, if you’re the president of the United States like Trump, but you’re trying to make, you know, foreign relationships better, you’re supposed to do that," Rogan continued. "It’s also the fucking mocking glare that Trump gives everyone. When Trump’s talking to someone, it’s always like, 'Be nice or I’m going to talk s--t.'"

He proceeded to denounce the terrible atrocities and "horrific s--t" that the North Korean people have endured for decades under the dictatorial Kim dynasty's communist rule, ostensibly to create an " equitable society" and "a more fair and just world."

Rogan was then asked what the difference was in shaking hands with an evil dictator or a U.S. president, to which the host asserted, "It’s a big difference."

"The way this country is run, it’s not perfect, but the way this country is run is so f--king superior to any system that is anywhere else in the world," Rogan added. "Because of the checks and balances that were put in place by the Founding Fathers."

Once offered to train Elon Musk for a fight against Putin

This certainly isn't the first time that Rogan has expressed or implied his clear disdain and opposition toward Putin, with one memorable example coming shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, when SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk had proposed a one-on-one fight with Putin to settle the dispute.

Business Insider reported at that time that Rogan referenced the proposal on his show and told his guest of Musk, "I offered my services. I texted him. I said, 'Dude I will arrange all of your training.' 'If you really do fight Putin,' I said, 'I will arrange all your training,'" and added, "It would be so f--king epic."

He went on to explain how the hypothetical bout would have to be of the mixed-martial arts variety instead of boxing, and how Musk had a substantial size advantage over the diminutive Putin, and how Musk had supposedly once defeated a world champion sumo wrestler in an exhibition match for fun.