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John and Gisele Fetterman address separation rumors amid social media onslaught

By Mandy Donalds
February 1, 2024

Sen. John and wife Gisele Fetterman humorously dismissed rumors about their marriage at a recent event.

At the Washington Press Club’s annual Congressional Dinner, Sen. Fetterman and his spouse playfully addressed and mocked the swirling rumors about their marriage. The couple, known for their candid and straightforward approach, took a moment to pose for a photograph, subtly debunking the divorce speculation that had been rampant on social media, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Mocking rumors with humor and presence

Sen. Fetterman, recognized for his unique style, appeared in his signature hooded sweatshirt and shorts, adding an unorthodox twist to the occasion.

During the reception, he jokingly remarked, "I’m here with Gisele. Clearly we’re separated," highlighting the absurdity of the rumors.

The Fettermans were guests of the Washington Examiner at this prestigious event.

Their appearance was particularly notable as it followed Gisele Fetterman's return to social media.

After a noticeable absence, she took to her account to address the rumors head-on, expressing her boredom with social media and its negative impact on her life.

In a candid post, Gisele wrote:

I posted several months ago that I would be taking a break from social media. I was bored with it… I am a Pisces… it wasn’t adding anything to my life… but leaving social media is somehow more exhausting than having it.

This statement reflected her frustration with the online environment and its toll on her personal life.

Confronting social media's harsh reality

The Fettermans have been forthright in dismissing the baseless rumors about their marital status, which gained traction on various social media platforms.

A particular post falsely claiming Gisele was "currently single" went viral, amassing over 9.5 million views, showcasing the rapid spread of misinformation.

Sen. Fetterman earlier labeled these rumors as "absurd," emphasizing the normality of their relationship.

He expressed bewilderment at the need to address such baseless speculation, attributing the rumors to the same type of individuals who harass them at their home.

Fetterman said:

She’s right upstairs in my office right now. And this is absurd. I am not even sure why that we’d even be addressing. I don’t even understand why there’s rumors because my wife clearly got tired of the online abuse from the same kind of crazies that show up at my home on Friday nights.

John Fetterman's political stance and its impact

John Fetterman has recently gained attention for his strong defense of Israel following the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks.

His outspoken stance has won him both admirers and critics. He has also been vocal in his criticism of fellow Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) following his federal indictment, calling for his resignation and distancing himself from the progressive wing of his party.

However, it is Gisele who has borne the brunt of the backlash and harassment on social media, particularly regarding her husband's unwavering support for Israel. This online abuse played a significant role in her decision to take a break from social media platforms.

In a revealing post dated Nov. 17, Gisele shared her thoughts on the matter, stating:

I am 3 weeks into a social media break that may last another month or forever. PS. Treating someone as simply someone’s spouse is insulting and minimizing. PSS. Did you know male spouses don’t get treated this way? PSSS. No more cute animal pics for you.

This post highlighted the gendered nature of the criticism she faced and her disillusionment with social media.


  • John and Gisele Fetterman humorously addressed and dismissed rumors about their marriage at a recent event.
  • Gisele Fetterman returned to social media to confront the rumors and express her frustration with online harassment.
  • Sen. Fetterman has been in the spotlight for his political views, which has indirectly affected his wife's experience on social media.
  • The couple's appearance and statements at Press Club Congressional Dinner served as a public rebuttal to the unfounded rumors about their relationship.