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Judge interrupts Fani WIllis' lawyer during contentious court hearing

By Mandy Donalds
January 24, 2024

On Monday, during a court hearing, Georgia Judge Henry Thompson interrupted an attorney representing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The lawyer was in the midst of explaining why Willis should not undergo deposition in a divorce case related to special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Wad was appointed by Willis for the investigation into the alleged election interference in Georgia involving ex-President Donald Trump.

The hearing, which ensnared Willis -- currently facing allegations of an extramarital affair with Wade -- was initially set to include her deposition on Tuesday.

However, Judge Thompson decided to postpone the matter, opting to first have Wade undergo questioning later in the month, as Fox News reported.

Legal Argumentation and Judicial Interruption

Appearing in Cobb County Superior Court, Willis' legal representative, Cinque Axam, presented arguments asserting Willis' preoccupation with her extensive professional responsibilities.

He spoke about the high-profile Trump election interference case, citing it as a reason for her exemption from deposition.

Axam highlighted Willis' management of a large team and numerous ongoing cases, underlining the election interference case as a critical focus.

However, Judge Thompson interjected, steering the discussion towards Willis' potential unique insights into the Wade divorce case, especially in light of the allegations of her affair with Wade.

"Let me interrupt you. Let me ask you just to focus on the part of the law that says the proposed opponent lacks unique personal knowledge of any matter that's relevant," Thompson asserted, probing into whether Willis held indispensable personal knowledge relevant to the case.

Emerging Details and Political Ramifications

The intricacies of the case have unfolded further with the revelation that Willis was subpoenaed for deposition following a motion by Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney for Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign staffer.

This motion coincided with the surfacing of allegations about Willis and Wade's romantic ties.

Joycelyn Wade's legal counsel has provided evidence suggesting the illicit nature of Willis and Nathan Wade's entanglement, including travel details and shared plane tickets, purportedly indicating a romantic connection.

This development has stirred the election interference case, in which Trump and 18 associates are accused of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Trump has denounced these charges as politically driven, leveraging the controversy surrounding Willis and Wade to question the integrity of the case and Wade's prosecutorial suitability.

Joycelyn Wade's attorney disclosed in recent filings that Nathan Wade, following his appointment as special prosecutor, had arranged trips to various destinations, including San Francisco, Florida, and international locations, with Willis ostensibly his travel companion.

Documentation, including credit card statements, substantiated these claims, showing Nathan Wade purchasing tickets for himself and Willis for trips to luxurious destinations.