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Judge Judy Calls Trump New York Hush Money Case 'Nonsense'

 June 23, 2024
In a recent interview, renowned television personality Judge Judy Sheindlin expressed her disapproval of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

Sheindlin criticized the Manhattan D.A. for pursuing what she regards as a politically motivated case against former President Trump, believing it -- and the verdict -- to be frivolous and misdirected, as Fox News reports.

Judge Judy voiced her disdain towards the expenditure of taxpayer dollars in the pursuit of this case against Trump. Estimates place the amount spent between $5 million and $10 million, stirring resentment among local taxpayers who prefer these funds be used for combating local crime issues.

Trump's Conviction Criticized Post-Verdict

Trump was found guilty last month of 34 felony counts related to his actions during the 2016 campaign.

These charges stemmed from his alleged attempts to conceal a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, aiming to prevent disclosures of their alleged affair dating back to 2006. Judge Judy's critique comes following this conviction, where she challenges the necessity and moral justification of the case.

She questioned the clarity of the indictment itself, implying that understanding the criminal charges required unreasonable legal gymnastics. In her dialogue with Wallace, she stressed the divergence from more significant criminal activities plaguing Manhattan's streets and subways.

"Nonsense," Judge Judy remarked on the nature of the case, amplifying her critique of Bragg by accusing him of leveraging his position for personal publicity, rather than serving the justice system's intended purposes.

Discussion On Manhattan's Public Safety Issues

In her scathing critique, Judge Judy expressed that Manhattan's D.A. should direct more efforts towards public safety rather than high-profile cases which she views as a waste of resources.

"I would be happier, as someone who owns property in Manhattan, if the district attorney of New York County would take care of criminals who were making it impossible for citizens to walk in the streets and use the subway," she commented during the interview.

Her comments reflect a broader concern among Manhattan residents about priorities in law enforcement, emphasizing the need to focus on immediate safety issues over politically charged cases.

Judge Judy's views also highlight a discord in public expectation from public officials, touching on the balance between law enforcement and political pursuits in the public sphere.

Judge Judy's Politics and Perspectives

Sheindlin identifies as a political independent, an element that adds depth to her critique since it comes from a non-partisan viewpoint. Her political alignment surfaced during her support for Nikki Haley in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

Despite criticizing Trump's presidential performance, she acknowledged his previous business acumen and media success. "I think he was a good businessman, a real estate guy. And he was certainly terrific on The Apprentice," she admitted.

However, she was firm in her belief that Trump's presidency was a venture even he did not anticipate succeeding in: "I don’t think that Donald ever should have been president, and I don’t think that even Donald thought he was going to be president," she expressed.

Judge Judy's Final Reflections on Trump and the D.A.

Judge Judy's reflections on the case and Trump's presidency encapsulate a broader critique of how political and legal considerations interact, particularly regarding high-profile figures. Her critical stance against the D.A.'s decisions and the nature of the case itself, focus on a debate about justice administration and its alignment with public interest and safety.

The debate highlighted by Judge Judy raises questions about prosecutorial discretion, its motives, and issues surrounding expenditure in high-profile political cases that resonate with citizens' daily concerns about law and order.

In conclusion, Judge Judy Sheindlin's sharp critique not only challenges Alvin Bragg's decision to pursue a case against former President Donald Trump but also ignites a discussion on prioritizing criminal justice resources in Manhattan.

Her assertions underline a concern for public safety over political expedition, questioning the balance of justice in high-profile case endeavors.