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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Reveals Gifts in SCOTUS Disclosure

 June 9, 2024

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson disclosed in her recent annual financial filing that she received various gifts and financial advances, including concert tickets to a Beyoncé performance and a significant advance for her memoir.

Other Supreme Court justices also updated their filings with similar high-value disclosures and amendments, with Jackson's Beyoncé tickets drawing significant interest in light of recent scandals regarding gifts to the jurists, as KHOU reports.

The filing, covering all of 2023, revealed that Jackson was gifted four tickets to Beyoncé’s "Renaissance World Tour," valued at $3,700. This disclosure is part of the annual requirements for Supreme Court justices, ensuring transparency regarding their financial interests.

Jackson's Financial Advances and Gifts

In addition to the concert tickets, Jackson disclosed a $900,000 advance for her upcoming memoir, Lovely One, set for release in September. The memoir advance is a substantial part of her financial disclosure, highlighting the interest in her personal and professional journey.

Jackson also reported receiving two pieces of artwork for her chambers, valued at $12,500. These items add a significant cultural and aesthetic value to her workspace.

Annual Filing Requirements

The annual filing deadline is crucial for Supreme Court justices to maintain transparency. All justices met the deadline, except for Justice Samuel Alito, who requested an extension. This process ensures that all financial dealings and gifts are publicly acknowledged.

Vice President Kamala Harris also disclosed being gifted tickets by Beyoncé, valued at $3,300. This highlights a trend of high-profile figures receiving valuable gifts from influential individuals in the entertainment industry.

Previous Year’s Disclosures

In the previous year’s filing, Jackson reported receiving more than $6,500 in clothing for a photo shoot and a $1,200 flower display from Oprah Winfrey. These disclosures provide a glimpse into the non-judicial interactions and gifts that justices receive, reflecting their public and personal engagements.

Justice Clarence Thomas amended his 2019 filing to include two trips to Indonesia and Sonoma County, California, paid for by Republican megadonor Harlan Crow. These trips were initially omitted but have since been included to ensure full transparency.

Kavanaugh's Financial Disclosure

Justice Brett Kavanaugh reported receiving $340,000 from Regnery Publishing for writing a legal memoir.

This significant amount underscores the financial opportunities available to Supreme Court justices through publishing and other ventures.

Importance of Transparency

The disclosure of gifts and financial advances is crucial for maintaining public trust in the judicial system. By providing a detailed account of their financial interactions, Supreme Court justices uphold the principles of accountability and integrity.

The gifts from high-profile figures like Beyoncé and Oprah Winfrey, as well as financial advances for memoirs, highlight the unique position of Supreme Court justices in society. These interactions reflect their influence and the public’s interest in their lives and careers.

Impact on Public Perception

The disclosures can impact public perception of the justices, as they reveal the personal and financial connections that may influence their professional lives. Transparency in these matters is essential for ensuring that the judiciary remains impartial and trustworthy.

Justice Jackson’s upcoming memoir, Lovely One, and the significant advance she received for it, indicate what may be a high level of interest in her story. This memoir will likely provide insights into her experiences and perspectives as a Supreme Court justice.


The recent financial disclosures by Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and other justices offer a detailed look into the gifts and financial advances they have received.

From concert tickets gifted by Beyoncé to substantial advances for memoirs, these filings highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in the judiciary.

The public disclosure of these financial interactions is designed to ensure that the integrity and impartiality of the Supreme Court are maintained.