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Kamala Harris secretly met George Soros' son Alex at her private residence, White House logs confirm

 September 4, 2023

Vice President Harris reportedly hosted a gathering with Alex Soros and other prominent Democratic donors at her private home, as revealed by White House logs.

Harris entertained the heir to billionaire philanthropist George Soros at her residence, and information about the event surfaced after the White House made visitor logs from May 2023 available to the public. Alongside Alex Soros, others in attendance included supermodel Savannah Huitema and seven influential Democratic donors, as Fox News reported.

Meeting details remain partially undisclosed

The exact details of the meeting held on May 31 were initially unclear.

Alex Soros uploaded a photograph of himself with Harris on X (formerly known as Twitter) on June 6.

He captioned it by acknowledging his rendezvous with the vice president.

In the caption of the photo, Alex Soros exclaimed:

Great to catch up with Madame Vice President, Kamala Harris!

Consistent interaction with the Biden administration

According to a thorough analysis by the Washington Free Beacon, this isn't the first time Soros has interacted with a member of President Biden's administration.

In fact, the meeting marked the 21st time such an encounter had occurred.

After Soros took it upon himself to publicly mention the meeting, the situation did not go unnoticed.

A myriad of conservative media entities and personalities made their opinions and speculations known.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee remarked:

It's laughable that the Left wants you to believe that the Soros family has no influence in politics.

Regular connections with Democratic lawmakers

Alex Soros has not been reticent about his close ties with Democratic lawmakers.

His social media profiles, especially Instagram, are replete with images capturing moments with top Democrats from both the House and Senate.

The timeline of these shared moments ranges from 2018 to 2022.

Shortly after this meeting, Alex announced a significant transition.

He made it known that he would be assuming control of the Open Society Foundations.

This philanthropic organization was originally established by his father, George Soros.

Before this announcement, political operative Logan Dobson quipped:

Is it still offensive to say the Soros family has an outsize influence on Democratic politics?

Alex's political inclination

Alex Soros is perceived by many to be fervently leftist, even more so than his father.

This perception has played a role in the reactions and narratives surrounding his interactions with leading Democratic figures.

According to the aforementioned visitor logs, the meeting at Vice President Harris' residence began at 4 p.m. and concluded around midnight.

This suggests that the discussions and interactions during this gathering spanned a considerable length of time.


  • Vice President Harris held a meeting with Alex Soros and other top Democratic donors at her residence.
  • Details of the meeting came to light after White House logs from May 2023 were released.
  • This gathering marked the 21st meeting between Soros and members of the Biden administration.
  • Public reactions to the meeting have been mixed, with some suggesting it points to the Soros family's significant influence in Democratic politics.
  • Alex Soros has recently taken over the Open Society Foundations, further highlighting his active role in the political and philanthropic spheres.