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Karine Jean-Pierre dodges question about Biden feeling tired early in the day

 September 1, 2023

White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, dismissed a question about President Joe Biden feeling tired early in the day, calling it a "ridiculous assumption".

A reporter questioned Jean-Pierre about the possibility of the White House calling brunch lids for President Biden due to him feeling tired, a claim made in a new book.

Washington Examiner reporter Rob Crilly referred to an excerpt from an upcoming volume written by Atlantic staff writer Franklin Foer. The excerpt, reported by The Guardian, suggested that Biden has informed his staff about feeling tired at times, which might have led to the lack of public appearances prior to 10 a.m., as reported by Fox News.

Excerpt from upcoming book

Jean-Pierre questioned the reporter, asking if he thought the aforementioned scheduling patterns were because of the book excerpt.

Crilly clarified that the book suggests the president informs his aides when he is tired. Jean-Pierre reiterated that the information was in the excerpt and dismissed the assumption as ridiculous before moving on to another question.

The excerpt from Foer's book noted the president's limited morning meetings and public events before 10 a.m., attributing it to physical decline and a slowing of mental capability that cannot be reversed by any pill or exercise regime.

It also mentioned that the president would occasionally admit to feeling tired while behind closed doors.

Concerns about President's age

Recently, the White House called a "brunch lid" until 12:30 p.m.

In April, a 9 a.m. lid was called the morning after Biden’s trip to Ireland.

An Associated Press poll indicated that 77% of Americans believe President Joe Biden is "too old" to effectively continue in office.

Jean-Pierre has faced repeated questions about Biden’s age and stamina in recent days.

When asked about an Associated Press poll that found a majority of Americans believed the president was too old to serve a second term, she expressed appreciation for the question and noted that it is frequently asked.

She emphasized that the president and many of her colleagues have repeatedly stated that observing the president's actions over the past two years reveals a historic administration.

Repeated questions on President's capabilities

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Jean-Pierre about the same issue and insisted she was avoiding the question.

Jean-Pierre encouraged people to watch the president, saying that those who have seen him work are impressed by his ability to be there and represent the Americans. Jean-Pierre said:

Here’s the thing, Jake, people saw him were impressed that he was able to do that, that he was able to be there and present the American people. The president says this all the time. Watch him. Watch him,

Tapper noted that 77% of Americans are concerned about the president's capabilities when watching him undertake routine duties.

Even amid the public's well documented worries, Jean-Pierre reiterated her confidence in the president's abilities to run the country.


  • White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed a question about President Biden reportedly feeling tired early in the day, calling it a "ridiculous assumption".
  • The question was based on an excerpt from an upcoming book by Atlantic staff writer Franklin Foer, which suggested that Biden has admitted to feeling overly tired at times.
  • Jean-Pierre has been repeatedly pressed on the issue of Biden’s age and stamina in recent days, and she has consistently defended the president's capabilities.