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Kate Middleton was a normal young person who enjoyed parties before becoming princess

 August 20, 2023

Catherine, Princess of Wales, who has become known for her unwavering poise, surprised many by making an impromptu recent visit to a rave, as the Daily Mail reported.

The visit occurred a few days ago when she was dining with her Norfolk friends, the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, at their magnificent Palladian estate, Houghton Hall, where the Houghton Festival was in progress.

A Glimpse into the Princess' Playful Side

A source revealed that a guest at the dinner suggested the idea of going to the festival, which is believed to be the Princess' first-ever festival appearance. However, this is by no means the only instance of Catherine letting her hair down.

In 2007, she was photographed joyfully enjoying her night at Mahiki nightclub, donning a 1970s-style sequin dress and a huge sparkling ring.

A couple of years earlier, in 2004, Kate was seen attending an 80s-themed charity roller disco in Vauxhall, South London. She was also spotted dancing the night away with William's friend Guy Pelly at Richard Branson's Summer and Tennis Party in 2006.

Furthermore, Kate's sense of rhythm was displayed as she danced in Tuvalu while on tour with her husband.

Prince William's Dance Moments

Known to enjoy the rhythmic side of life, Catherine's husband Prince William -- also known as the Prince of Wales -- has also never shied away from dancing.

His dancing endeavors, captured on camera, reveal him enjoying himself at KOKO nightclub in Camden, London. He was seen holding a beer, grooving to the beat at a concert venue.

His moves include some old-school dance at the Farinet nightclub in Verbier during a 2017 skiing trip and some lively expressions on tour in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Though not always as graceful as his wife, the future King clearly has a fun-loving side to his character.

Prince Harry's Dancing Escapades

Prince Harry, often regarded as the "Party Prince," shares his brother's love for dancing but has been rather more critical of William's skills.

Whether it was dancing the Jahncanoe in Rio in 2012 or breaking into impromptu dance moves at Sentebale's Mamohato Children's Centre, Prince Harry's energetic dance expressions are memorable. During his visit to a school for deaf children in Lesotho, he was seen joining in a dance, radiating warmth and affection.

King Charles' Dance Journey

For decades, King Charles has been politely encouraged to dance, and he's obliged on numerous occasions. Whether it was his synchronized recreation of The Full Monty in 1998 or his tango in Buenos Aires, his dance expressions are varied and remarkable.

From performing sambas to dancing alongside glamorous performers during charity events, Charles has enthusiastically joined the dance floor. His attempt to breakdance during a workshop for young unemployed individuals was a striking moment that delighted the audience.

The Late Queen Elizabeth's Dancing Diplomacy

Queen Elizabeth II had a special affinity for Scottish dancing, and the Ghillies Ball at Balmoral was a cherished annual tradition. Her dance was a cultural celebration and an act of diplomacy.

The late queen's dance with Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah, was symbolic, influencing Ghana's alignment with the Commonwealth rather than with Soviet Russia.

The queen's dances were both charming and politically significant. From dancing the Eightsome Reel with the Royal Family to joyfully dancing with her husband, Prince Philip in Canada, her moves captured the hearts of many.