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Kennedy Highlights Biden As Democratic Risk Through Social Media Censorship

By Christina Davie
April 4, 2024

Amidst the political turmoil, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has sharpened his critique of President Joe Biden, casting him as a direct threat to democratic principles and the First Amendment.

During a revealing interview on NewsNation's CUOMO, Kennedy elucidated his lawsuit against the Biden administration, asserting it sets a precarious precedent for censoring speech on social media, potentially by future administrations.

Kennedy criticizes the Biden administration for collaborating with tech giants like Meta, Google, and Twitter to control the narrative by censoring specific social media content. He argues that this collaboration infringes upon free speech rights.

An Unprecedented Legal Challenge

Kennedy's argument revolves around his legal action against the administration, joined by Missouri and Louisiana, highlighting concerns over alleged attempts to control content on major social media platforms.

Kennedy claims that high-ranking officials from the Biden administration held meetings with social media companies just 37 hours after the inauguration, aiming to silence political adversaries through content censorship.

The administration's alleged coercion included threats of antitrust litigation and revoking Section 230 immunity, which Kennedy describes as federal power used to suppress free speech.

The Scope of Censorship

Kennedy emphasizes that censorship targeted various content, spanning from public health debates to criticisms of Biden's policies, illustrating a troubling trend of controlling public discourse.

A crucial moment in Kennedy's legal battle was securing a preliminary injunction against the Biden administration. This decision temporarily halts government pressure on social media platforms to censor protected speech.

Kennedy argues that this case challenges the administration's practices and warns of a future where any president could employ similar tactics against political opposition.

Supreme Court Skepticism and Media Criticism

Although the Supreme Court considered Missouri and Louisiana's case, it rejected Kennedy's request to join, displaying skepticism toward the broad claims of free speech infringement.

Kennedy also addresses perceived misrepresentations by CNN Digital and other media outlets, arguing they skewed his comparison of the democratic threats posed by Biden and Trump, leading to misconceptions about his stance.

Clarifying his position, Kennedy states he has not definitively ranked the threats to democracy posed by either leader. However, he emphasizes the unique danger of using federal agencies to censor political speech, highlighting the nuanced nature of his critique.

Concluding Reflections on Democracy and Censorship

In summary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has launched a notable legal and public opinion challenge against the Biden administration, accusing it of compromising democratic values and the First Amendment in its dealings with social media companies. Kennedy portrays this conflict as highlighting current tensions between government and private sectors and setting a troubling precedent for future governance and the protection of free speech.