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Kennedy Jr.'s Campaign Secures North Carolina Ballot, Fifth State Win

By Matthias Dathan
April 2, 2024

In a notable development, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s quest for the presidency under the We the People Party banner gains momentum as North Carolina endorses his candidacy, marking the campaign's fifth successful state ballot qualification.

This achievement underscores the campaign's strategic nationwide push, aiming for a presence in all 50 states by the November elections, as Breitbart reports.

Building Momentum Across States

The campaign team announced on Monday their triumphant signature gathering in North Carolina, amassing approximately 23,000 signatures, well over the 13,757 required, securing Kennedy Jr.'s spot on the ballot with time to spare before the May 31 deadline.

This success in North Carolina adds to the campaign's earlier victories, including official ballot qualification in Utah and completed petitioning efforts in critical swing states such as Nevada and New Hampshire.

In Hawaii, the Office of Elections confirmed the Kennedy Jr. supporters' success in establishing the We The People party, further amplifying the campaign's reach. The strategic significance of qualifying in swing states like North Carolina, Nevada, and New Hampshire cannot be overstated, highlighting the campaign's meticulous planning and execution.

A Strategic Choice for Vice President

The campaign's announcement of leftist lawyer Nicole Shanahan as Kennedy Jr.'s running mate brings a new dynamic to the race. Shanahan, previously a donor to Joe Biden's 2020 campaign and an early supporter of Kennedy Jr., represents a strategic effort to broaden the campaign's appeal.

This move, following active signature collection efforts in 16 states, has expanded to include petitioning in 19 additional states, showcasing the campaign's ambitious goal to secure a nationwide presence.

An interactive map on the campaign's website details the ongoing petitioning efforts, indicating that the campaign has not yet started in 11 states and Washington, D.C. However, with a "robust ballot access plan," the campaign aims to make Kennedy Jr. a voting option in all 50 states by November, emphasizing the extensive preparation and commitment of the campaign team.

Organizational Strength and National Support

Stefanie Spear, the campaign's press secretary, confidently stated the campaign's readiness, highlighting the dedicated teams of field workers, volunteers, legal teams, paid circulators, supporters, and strategists poised to ensure Kennedy Jr.'s nationwide ballot access.

This reflects a well-organized campaign leveraging broad support to navigate the complex landscape of national elections.

RealClear Politics' national polling average positions Kennedy Jr. as the third strongest candidate in the race, trailing behind former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, yet leading other third-party candidates. This is a testament to Kennedy Jr.'s growing influence and the viability of his campaign amidst a politically diverse electorate.

Trump's Acknowledgment and the Political Landscape

Donald Trump's commentary on Kennedy Jr.'s candidacy, referring to him as "Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent" and "the most Radical Left Candidate in the race," adds a layer of political intrigue to the election narrative.

Such acknowledgment from a leading candidate highlights the competitive and dynamic nature of this election cycle, where Kennedy Jr.'s campaign is carving out a significant space for itself.

The Kennedy Jr. campaign's achievements, from securing ballot access in key states to the strategic selection of a vice-presidential candidate, underscore the potential impact of this bid on the overall election. With plans to ensure Kennedy Jr. is a voting option across the United States, the campaign is positioned for a pivotal role in shaping the future political landscape.

Conclusion: A Campaign Poised for National Impact

In summary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign has marked significant milestones by securing ballot access in five states, including North Carolina, and strategically positioning itself in the national election through the selection of Nicole Shanahan as the vice-presidential candidate.

The campaign's well-organized efforts and the strategic targeting of swing states reflect a determined bid to present Kennedy Jr. as a compelling third-way option for American voters.

With national polling indicating strong support and a clear strategy for nationwide ballot access, Kennedy Jr.'s candidacy is a notable narrative in the quest for the White House.