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Kevin Costner’s attorney blasts Christine Baumgartner's ‘outrageous’ demand for money

 September 13, 2023

Kevin Costner's divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, has leveled harsh criticism against the star's soon-to-be-ex-wife Christine Baumgartner for her hefty legal fee request.

In an unfolding Hollywood legal drama, Wasser, representing the renowned actor, has strongly criticized Baumgartner's latest legal move. The 49-year-old Baumgartner is demanding that Costner foot a massive $885K legal bill, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Baumgartner's hefty legal bill request

After a recent order requiring Baumgartner to pay $14,000 in sanctions, she approached the courts, looking for force the veteran actor to pay the aforementioned sum.

This staggering figure is apparently for lawyers' fees she incurred to contest a single issue in their divorce proceedings.

Baumgartner is challenging the enforceability of her prior waiver of spousal support. However, Wasser views this financial ask as excessive and unjustified.

Hours required to justify the cost

Breaking down the numbers, Wasser argues that for Baumgartner's lawyers to justify the $885K fees based on standard hourly rates, they would have needed to work a staggering 1,106 billable hours on this case.

This demand is rendered even more questionable, according to Wasser, since a judge has previously confirmed that the couple's prenuptial agreement is legally valid and enforceable.

Back in July, a judge upheld a clause in the couple's prenuptial agreement. The contract required that in case of a divorce, Baumgartner would have to vacate the family residence within a specified number of days.

Baumgartner did voice her concerns about the timeline, emphasizing the complexity of such a move. She stated:

(She) will move in due course, but this is a major undertaking and can only be accomplished with careful planning.

The judge, however, didn't find merit in her argument.

The stipulated date for her to leave the shared home with Costner was July 31. This enforcement of the prenuptial provision might suggest the whole agreement could be deemed valid, which might not bode well for Baumgartner's future legal claims.

Financial strains and contentions

Further, Wasser revealed that Costner has already paid an enormous $300K for Baumgartner's legal expenses.

On top of this, Baumgartner reportedly withdrew over $105K from Costner's accounts to finance her legal team.

The ongoing legal tussles seem to be taking a serious toll on Baumgartner's finances.

From what's evident thus far, she might have spent more on these battles than what she could have received if she had opted for an amicable settlement with Costner.

Child support disagreements

Child support has been another bone of contention between the duo.

Baumgartner's initial request was an eye-popping $248,000per month for the maintenance of their three children: Cayden Wyatt, 15, Hayes Logan, 14, and Grace Avery, 13.

Deeming the amount excessive, Costner and his legal representatives counter-offered at a rate of $63,000 monthly.

The actor even showed some flexibility by proposing a $75,000 monthly figure, which Baumgartner refused. Ultimately, a judge ruled in favor of the $63,000 monthly amount.

Costner's recent public outing

Amid the legal frenzy, Costner seems to be finding solace in music. The acclaimed actor was spotted last month in a plush suite at SoFi Stadium. He attended a concert that was part of Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour."

The Dances with Wolves icon enjoyed the show alongside his 13-year-old daughter Grace and an unidentified friend.

An interesting highlight of the night was when the trio jammed to one of Swift's iconic break-up tracks, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

The song choice, given the circumstances, was notable, and Costner sported a sly grin as his daughter sang along.


  • Kevin Costner's lawyer, Laura Wasser, criticized her client's soon-to-be-ex-wife Christine Baumgartner's request for $885K in legal fees.
  • Baumgartner's major contention is about the waiver of spousal support in their prenuptial agreement.
  • A judge has already enforced one prenup provision, which may indicate the entire agreement's validity.
  • Costner has already shouldered $300K of Baumgartner's legal costs.
  • Child support disagreements saw Baumgartner ask for $248K per month, but a judge settled on $63K monthly.
  • Costner was recently seen enjoying a Taylor Swift concert with his daughter.