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McCarthy thinks Biden and Harris will face protests at nominating convention this summer

By Mandy Donalds
February 29, 2024

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has voiced his thoughts about the likelihood of potential upheaval at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, which he says could be reminiscent of the discord seen in 1968.

The Republican's comments came during an appearance this week on Fox & Friends.

McCarthy highlighted President Joe Biden's challenges following a primary contest in which 13% of Michigan Democrats opted for "uncommitted" rather than supporting the incumbent.

"He's got real problems. … I think Chicago will be quite interesting and could repeat the Democratic convention in the past in Chicago," McCarthy mused.

"They could have real protests," he added, hinting at a turbulent scenario akin to the protests that overshadowed the convention decades ago.

Biden's Primary Performance Under Scrutiny

Despite winning the Michigan primary with ease, securing his fourth primary victory of the cycle, and moving closer to clinching the Democratic nomination, the "uncommitted" votes cast by a portion of Michigan's Arab-American community have sparked discussions and concerns.

This protest, driven by Biden's stance on Israel's actions in Gaza, underscores a growing discontent within certain Democratic factions.

McCarthy expressed concern over the Democratic Party's perceived shift away from support for Israel, citing difficulties for bipartisan visits to Israel since the election of lawmakers such as Democrats Rashida Tlaib (MI) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY).

The "Abandon Biden" Movement

The Michigan primary saw a concerted effort by some within the state's Arab American population to protest Biden's policies, particularly those related to the Gaza conflict, by voting "uncommitted."

This "Abandon Biden" push received backing from Tlaib, who openly criticized the president's approach and advocated for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Tlaib's endorsement of the protest vote underscores a significant rift within the Democratic base, reflecting broader concerns about the party's direction and foreign policy stance.

 Concerns Over Biden's Leadership

In addition to the unrest about the DNC and the primary protests, McCarthy criticized Biden's leadership, particularly in handling foreign conflicts and maintaining a consistent stance on key issues.

The recently reported -- and publicized -- regret among some Biden officials over the administration's response to the Israel-Hamas conflict was viewed by McCarthy as a sign of weakness, potentially encouraging adversaries like Iran.

McCarthy's critique extends to Biden's age and perceived indecisiveness, framing these as critical vulnerabilities as the president seeks reelection.

With former President Donald Trump already securing a significant portion of the Republican primary vote, the stage is set for a likely rematch with Biden in 2024.

Biden's victory in the Democratic primary, despite the protests and the "uncommitted" votes, suggests he will indeed be the Democratic contender, unless something dramatic and as yet unforeseen occurs.

However, the emerging dynamics within the Democratic Party and the broader political landscape hint at a contentious path ahead as the nation moves closer to the next presidential election.