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Lara Trump says if father-in-law is not elected country will be ruined

By Mandy Donalds
January 25, 2024

Lara Trump, in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, expressed her belief that the country's future would be drastically impacted if former President Donald Trump is not re-elected.

In an earnest dialogue with Fox News Digital, Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, emphasized the importance of rallying GOP voters behind Trump for the upcoming November elections.

She articulated her firm belief that the country's prosperity and the realization of the American dream are intricately tied to Trump's leadership. Lara Trump's remarks come at a critical juncture, just hours before Trump's historic third primary victory in New Hampshire, shedding light on the internal dynamics of the Republican Party and the broader political landscape, as FOX News reported.

Lara Trump's perspective on the GOP's future

During the interview, Lara Trump voiced her conviction that any true patriot, someone genuinely invested in the nation's success, would inevitably support Donald Trump.

She contrasted this with the prospect of voting for Joe Biden, hinting at a stark difference in vision and accomplishment between the two leaders.

Lara Trump's commentary underscores a deep-seated belief in the former president's ability to steer the country toward prosperity and strength, qualities she suggests are currently in jeopardy.

She said:

I don't see any world in which someone who loves this country, who wants to see this country succeed again, who wants to see people basically return to a time when they could achieve their American dream, I don't see any of those people ever voting for Joe Biden.

Challenges and strategies within the GOP

Lara Trump also shared her insights on the internal dynamics of the GOP, specifically discussing Nikki Haley's bid for the presidential nomination.

She analyzed Haley's standing in the race, referencing polling data and campaign strategies, ultimately deeming the former South Carolina governor's path to the nomination as "impossible."

This perspective sheds light on the perceived hierarchy and strategic calculations within the Republican Party, pointing to a consensus around Donald Trump's candidacy.

"Polling for Nikki Haley does not indicate that she would likely win her home state," Lara Trump explained, delineating the challenges faced by other candidates within the GOP and reinforcing the notion that the party's primary goal is to secure a victory in the general elections.

The perceived threat of a Biden presidency

Furthermore, Lara Trump expounded on the broader implications of the upcoming election, framing it as a pivotal moment for the nation's future.

She portrayed Joe Biden not merely as a political opponent but as a fundamental threat to the country's core values and achievements.

This portrayal amplifies the stakes of the election, casting it as a decisive battle for the nation's soul.

She stated:

The reality is we have to target our enemy. The enemy is Joe Biden. We have to take back the White House. We want to take back the Senate. We want more folks in the House from the Republican side of the aisle because we really do have a country to save at this point. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that if Joe Biden wins this election in 2024, I don't believe we will have the same country after another term of Joe Biden as president that we started with when Donald Trump left office.

Strategies for the GOP's success

Lara Trump then shifted her focus to the strategic aspects of the campaign, acknowledging the hurdles that lie ahead.

She highlighted the adversarial nature of mainstream media and its impact on the election narrative. This acknowledgment serves as a rallying cry for the Republican base, urging a cohesive and determined effort to overcome these challenges.

Lara Trump concluded her interview with a note of cautious optimism, recognizing the inherent challenges in the political landscape while simultaneously acknowledging the opportunities presented by the current administration's policies. Her remarks encapsulate a blend of strategic awareness, partisan advocacy, and a deep-seated belief in the necessity of a Trump presidency for the nation's future.

Lara Trump's call to action for the GOP

"We're up against a lot and we take nothing for granted so I do think we're going to have to work. But man, when it comes to Joe Biden, he certainly has served it up to us on a silver platter," Lara Trump concluded, encapsulating the dual nature of the upcoming electoral battle: a formidable challenge coupled with a unique opportunity.

In her conversation, Lara Trump laid out a multifaceted view of the current political landscape.

She articulated the urgent need for unity within the GOP, the strategic imperatives of the upcoming election, and the profound consequences of a potential loss.

Her remarks serve as a testament to the high stakes and intense fervor characterizing the political discourse as the nation edges closer to the November elections.


  • Lara Trump emphasizes the crucial importance of re-electing Donald Trump, linking his leadership directly to the nation's prosperity and the fulfillment of the American dream.
  • She advocates strongly for GOP unity, stating that true patriots and those invested in the nation's success would naturally align with Donald Trump's vision and leadership.
  • Lara Trump evaluates the political landscape within the GOP, specifically addressing Nikki Haley's candidacy, and concludes that her path to nomination appears highly improbable.
  • The interview highlights the perceived existential threat posed by a potential Joe Biden presidency, portraying it as a direct challenge to the nation's core values and future prosperity.
  • Lara Trump discusses the strategic hurdles faced by the GOP, notably the adversarial mainstream media, and calls for a cohesive and determined campaign to overcome these challenges.