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Lara Trump Leads RNC’s Election Integrity Training, Vows Action Against Fraud

 June 16, 2024

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is intensifying its efforts to ensure election integrity in the 2024 election under the leadership of co-chairwoman Lara Trump.

The RNC's initiative, as explained by Trump, involves deploying poll watchers and lawyers, voter education, and early voting encouragement to combat election fraud, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Lara Trump announced the RNC's plans at a Turning Point USA conference in Detroit, Michigan. She emphasized the importance of monitoring the election closely and taking legal action against any instances of fraud.

RNC’s Comprehensive Strategy

Trump outlined the RNC's strategy to deploy over 100,000 poll watchers and more than 500 lawyers nationwide. These measures are part of a broader effort to safeguard the electoral process.

The initiative also includes setting up hotlines to allow poll watchers to report any issues quickly and efficiently.

During the conference, about 75 potential volunteer poll watchers participated in a training session on identifying and addressing potential threats on Election Day. However, the press was not given access to the training or the materials used.

Ensuring Respectful Monitoring

RNC co-chairman Michael Whatley emphasized that the poll watchers would be trained to be respectful and non-threatening while adhering to legal guidelines. "Our people will be taught to be respectful and non-threatening, but to also follow the law," Whatley said.

The RNC's efforts are also influenced by former President Donald Trump's continued allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. These claims have shaped the committee's focus on election integrity and fraud prevention.

Focus on Voter Education and Early Voting

Despite previously expressed concerns over early voting, the RNC is now prioritizing voter education and encouraging early voting as part of its strategy. "Our biggest goals this year with the Trump campaign are to get out the vote and protect the ballot," Whatley added.

Lara Trump underscored the importance of learning from the 2020 election.

"We can never go back and repeat 2020, but we can learn the lessons from 2020," she stated. Her remarks reflect the RNC's commitment to preventing a repeat of past issues and ensuring a fair electoral process in 2024.

Hotlines for Rapid Issue Reporting

The hotlines set up by the RNC are intended to facilitate rapid reporting and resolution of any issues encountered by poll watchers. This measure is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the monitoring efforts.

Trump's speech at the conference also included a strong message to those who might consider committing election fraud. "This year is the year we do it,” she declared. “We are also sending a loud and clear message out there to anyone who thinks about cheating in an election: we will find you, we will track you down, and we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law."

Training Session Highlights

The training session for potential poll watchers focused on identifying and addressing various threats that could arise on Election Day. Although the specifics of the training were not disclosed to the press, the session aimed to prepare volunteers for effective and lawful monitoring.

The RNC's comprehensive approach reflects a dual focus on encouraging voter participation and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. By deploying a large number of poll watchers and legal experts, the committee aims to create a robust framework for election oversight.


The RNC, led by Lara Trump, is gearing up for the 2024 election with a strong focus on election integrity. Through the deployment of poll watchers, lawyers, voter education, and early voting initiatives, the committee seeks to prevent fraud and ensure a fair electoral process. The RNC's efforts, influenced by past allegations of voter fraud, emphasize the importance of learning from previous elections to protect the integrity of future ones.

In summary, the RNC's initiative, spearheaded by Lara Trump, aims to enhance election integrity in the 2024 election through comprehensive monitoring efforts, legal support, voter education, and early voting encouragement.

The committee's strategy includes deploying a large number of poll watchers and lawyers, setting up hotlines for rapid issue reporting, and conducting training sessions to prepare volunteers for Election Day.