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Leavitt on Newsmax Urges First Lady to Address Misleading Claims

 July 5, 2024

Newsmax reported that Karoline Leavitt, national press secretary for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, has openly criticized First Lady Jill Biden, alleging misleading the public about President Joe Biden's cognitive health.

Speaking on Newsmax, Karoline Leavitt accused Jill Biden of failing to address President Joe Biden's cognitive health concerns. She suggested that Jill Biden must convince him to resign from his post.

Leavitt Questions the First Lady's Role

Leavitt claimed that Jill Biden has been dishonest with Americans about the President's declining cognitive abilities. Furthermore, "She is lying to the American people about her husband's cognitive decline," Leavitt charged during the interview, asserting that the First Lady plays a pivotal role in influencing the President's decision-making regarding his political career.

Moreover, Leavitt also emphasized that Jill Biden must convince President Joe Biden to step down as the party's nominee, stressing the importance of integrity and truthfulness in handling such sensitive information.

The Allegations Extend to Hunter Biden

Leavitt extended her critique beyond the First Lady to Hunter Biden, describing him as a convicted felon and former crack addict, now reportedly involved in White House meetings. Congressional Republicans have also accused Hunter of leveraging his father's influence for personal gain, dating back to when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Leavitt's remarks contribute to broader accusations against the Biden family, painting a picture of a family deeply entrenched in corruption and power struggles. "The Biden corrupt crime family is power hungry," Leavitt asserted.

Accusations of Corruption and Influence Peddling

Leavitt criticized the Biden family for allegedly engaging with foreign business leaders to sell influence. "They have made their entire fortune off of selling Joe Biden's influence," she claimed. She alleged that this behavior continues as the family pushes to keep Joe Biden in office through the next election cycle.

Leavitt's narrative suggests that the Bidens are preserving and actively exploiting Joe Biden's political position for financial gain. This accusation aligns with the narrative pushed by several of Joe Biden's political adversaries, often reflecting deep partisan divides.

Media's Role in Presidential Health Disclosure

Leavitt also called on the mainstream media to rigorously question Jill Biden about her knowledge of the President's health and her role in allegedly obscuring the truth.

"And the mainstream media needs to ask really tough questions of Jill Biden about what she's known about her husband's cognitive state and why she, as First Lady, has also been lying to the American people about it," she explained.

These statements highlight a demand for greater transparency and accountability from public figures, especially concerning the health and capability of national leaders.

A Call for Presidential Transparency

Throughout the interview, Leavitt portrayed the First Lady as someone who should prioritize the President's and the country's wellbeing over political ambitions.

Specifically, "The right thing for Jill Biden to do is to sit her husband down and say, 'It's time to go enjoy some sunsets and some ice cream in Delaware.' But Jill Biden will not do that," Leavitt lamented, illustrating her belief that personal and familial gains are being placed above public duty.

Consequently, this narrative challenges the integrity of the Biden family, suggesting that their actions may be driven by self-interest rather than the interests of the American people.


In conclusion, Karoline Leavitt's critique on Newsmax raises serious questions about the First Lady, Jill Biden's honesty and motivations regarding President Joe Biden's cognitive health and overall leadership capabilities.

Furthermore, accusations extend to Hunter Biden and other family members, suggesting a pattern of influence peddling and corruption to keep Joe Biden in power for personal gain. Ultimately, these claims reflect ongoing tensions and the polarized nature of American politics.