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Legendary country singer Charlie Robison dead at 59

 September 11, 2023

Country music veteran Charlie Robison has passed away at the age of 59.

The Texas-born singer-songwriter succumbed on Sunday in a San Antonio hospital after suffering cardiac arrest, accompanied by other health complications, as Fox News reported.

Robison's early life

Robison started his musical journey in the 1980s. By the time he released his solo debut Bandera, he had established a reputation as a promising talent.

The album drew inspiration from the Texas Hill Country town of Bandera, where his family had owned a ranch for eight generations.

Robyn Ludwick, Charlie's sister, expressed her grief on social media. She painted a heartbreaking picture of the loss her family is enduring.

She wrote on Facebook:

My big brother Charlie passed away in the arms of his loved ones. Please play some Charlie Robison on Repeat. He would want it that way.

Robison's legacy in the country music scene

Born and raised in Texas, Charlie was deeply rooted in his love for country music.

He collaborated frequently with his brother Bruce, and their combined efforts resulted in nine album releases throughout Charlie's career.

After his 1995 album, Charlie sought a more mainstream appeal. However, he remained committed to his unique sound and identity. A deal with a major Nashville label didn't pan out, as he resisted being pigeonholed into a specific image.

Charlie's bio highlighted:

After a brief deal with a Nashville major label that ended because of his refusal to be artistically boxed-in and packaged as the latest hunky hat act, he signed with Sony Music’s Lucky Dog label and released two studio albums.

Contributions to country music

Despite facing challenges in the music industry, Charlie managed to make significant contributions.

His 2001 album Step Right Up gave him a top 40 country hit with the song "I Want You Bad." His final album, High Life released in 2013, included an exquisite cover of Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece."

In addition to his music, Charlie showcased his expertise on television. He was a judge on the USA Network's reality show Nashville Star, which centered on aspiring country music talents.

Recent health complications

A post from January 2018, shared by Charlie's team, shed light on his health struggles following a throat surgery.

The team wrote on Instagram:

From that surgery he has been dealing with some complications during this routine recovery.

Personal life and survivors

Beyond his musical career, Charlie had a rich personal life. He is survived by his wife, Kristen Robison, as well as four children and stepchildren.

His first three children were with his first wife, Emily Strayer. Emily is renowned in the music industry as a founding member of the country band The Chicks.

The couple ended their marriage in 2008.


  • Charlie Robison passed away at 59 in San Antonio.
  • He began his musical career in the '80s and released the solo debut Bandera.
  • Robison resisted being artistically boxed-in, leading to a brief deal with a major Nashville label.
  • His 2001 album produced a top 40 country hit.
  • Charlie faced health challenges after a 2018 throat surgery.
  • He leaves behind his wife, Kristen, and four children and stepchildren.