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Longtime Biden Donor Jeff Cooper Bolsters GOP with $100K Donation

 June 19, 2024

Hunter Biden's business partner and longtime friend of Joe Biden, Jeff Cooper, has switched political allegiances, having donated $100,000 to Republicans in early 2023.

Cooper's unexpected financial largesse has sparked questions about his seemingly favorable treatment in the GOP-led investigation into Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings and their possible connections to Joe Biden, as the Daily Maili reports.

The businessman's surprising donations stand in stark contrast to his long history of supporting Democratic campaigns. His previous contributions include a total of $417,968 to Democratic causes, with his last donation to a Democratic campaign occurring in 2019.

Cooper's Longstanding Ties to the Bidens

Cooper's relationship with the Biden family extends back many years. He partnered with Hunter Biden on multiple overseas business ventures and accompanied him on Air Force 2 to a business meeting in Mexico in 2016. Cooper also facilitated meetings between foreign billionaires and then-Vice President Joe Biden at the White House.

In 2021, the Mail revealed Cooper's extensive ties to the Bidens, making him a figure of interest in the Republican investigation into Hunter Biden's business dealings. Despite the GOP-led House issuing subpoenas to Hunter Biden's associates such as Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer after taking control in 2023, Cooper was notably absent from the interview list.

GOP Donations Raise Eyebrows

Federal Election Commission records indicate that in February 2023, Cooper made significant donations to GOP interests. He donated $50,000 to the McCarthy Victory Fund, $38,400 to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), and two separate donations of $3,300 to Kevin McCarthy for Congress.

Marco Polo, a conservative-leaning nonprofit organization, was the first to detect Cooper's Republican donations. The discovery adds a layer of intrigue to Cooper's political shift, especially considering his past as a major Democratic donor who contributed to ActBlue, the Obama Victory Fund, and the Democratic National Committee.

Cooper Under GOP Scrutiny

Cooper's connections to Hunter Biden and the investigation into their business dealings became a matter of public record in 2021. Congressional documents reveal that Cooper had been under GOP scrutiny since at least July 2021. Cooper's network with Hunter included business meetings with notable figures such as Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim in the Vice President's office in 2014.

The businessman was also involved in plans to establish a consultancy firm in Washington, D.C., alongside the Bidens. These plans were set aside following the death of Beau Biden in 2015. Hunter Biden's emails from 2014 indicated intentions to use the consultancy as a platform for Joe and Beau Biden once Joe Biden left office.

GOP Continues to Investigate

Cooper's role in the ongoing investigation has drawn attention. Members of the GOP House Oversight Committee have repeatedly highlighted Joe Biden's alleged influence peddling during his tenure as a senator and vice president.

One such instance includes James Mandolfo, the House Oversight Committee chief counsel, questioning Devon Archer about Cooper. Devon Archer described Cooper as a "dear friend" of both him and Hunter Biden. This affirmation of Cooper’s close ties to the Bidens adds complexity to his seemingly abrupt political shift.

Whistleblower Allegations

In 2012, a whistleblower alleged that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Cooper discussed an online gambling business in Latin America during a phone call. Cooper refuted these claims, calling them a "complete fabrication."

Despite Cooper's denials, the allegations remain a point of interest for the Republican investigation.

The intricate web of business deals and political donations continues to unfold, while Cooper’s new political stance raises questions about the motives behind his substantial financial contributions to the GOP.


Jeff Cooper’s unexpected pivot from a prominent Democratic donor to a supporter of Republican campaigns in early 2023 has caught many off guard.

The longtime friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, who has a history of political contributions to Democratic causes, now finds himself entangled in Republican-led investigations.

With Cooper's substantial donations to GOP efforts and his inclusion on economic trips during Joe Biden's vice presidency, the complexity and implications of this development continue to unravel.

The discovery of Cooper's donations by Marco Polo, alongside his longstanding relationship with the Bidens, underscores a narrative of political and financial entanglement that warrants close scrutiny and raises further questions about the dynamics of influence and loyalty within American politics.