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Man high on drugs bursts into home, kills grandma and her young granddaughter before turning the gun on himself

 August 20, 2023

A horrifying act unfolded in Springfield, Massachusetts, when a 34-year-old man, Victor Nieves, shot and killed a 10-year-old girl, her grandmother, and the family dog after succumbing to a cocaine-fueled rage.

The incident occurred on Monday, culminating in the death of Aubrianna Lynn, her 52-year-old grandmother Kim Fairbanks, and the family's pet, as the Daily Mail reported.

Details of the Attack

The incident took place at 174 Berkshire Avenue, where Nieves lived in the apartment above the aforementioned victims.

After going on a cocaine binge that caused him to act erratically, Nieves invaded the home, opening fire on its occupants.

Along with the victims, before killing himself, Nieves also shot Aubrianna's 12-year-old sister, who fortunately survived.

Fairbanks died instantly from a headshot wound, while Aubrianna was rushed to Boston's Children's Hospital, where she passed away on Thursday.

Nieves' girlfriend, Monica Sanchez, who was present during his drug binging, alerted the children's mother, Stephanie Croteau, before the attack.

Sanchez stated that Croteau responded by saying she would call her mother, but then suddenly, the sound of gunshots was heard. In a panic, she ran outside. Neighbors recall hearing Sanchez's urgent cries for help following the shots.

Family's Grief and Community Support

Croteau expressed her disbelief and despair on social media, lamenting the loss of her mother and daughter.

In one message, she said, "It doesn't feel real" and "I will never understand."

On Wednesday, she wrote, "I never imagined I would have had to bury one of my children," alongside a collection of photos.

Croteau described her daughter's death as " It was peaceful" and "without any pain."

Natasha Lopez, a family friend, established a GoFundMe campaign to support them financially. The funds raised will go towards funeral expenses, medical costs, and other necessary expenditures.

The Perpetrator and Aftermath

Sanchez, who had known Nieves since childhood, described him as a "gentle soul" and a "kind person" before the tragic events on Monday.

However, his behavior turned dark and unpredictable after losing his job and succumbing to drug addiction.

Sanchez, who is a licensed gun owner, revealed that the weapon used by Nieves was one of her pistols. Despite her attempts to hide the firearms from him, Nieves still managed to locate one.

Police records show that Nieves had a minimal criminal history and no prior acts of violence.