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Rep. Mark Green reverses on retirement, says he will seek re-election after all

By Stew Davidson
March 1, 2024

Republican Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee, having recently announced his planned retirement from Congress, will now seek another term after receiving encouragement from supporters including former President Donald Trump.

This decision comes after Green announced last month his intention to leave Congress by the end of the year, citing the broken state of the country and the federal government, as reported by The Blaze.

Community and presidential support sways Green's decision

Green shared this week that the overwhelming support from constituents, colleagues, and notably, Trump, has led him to reconsider his retirement.

The calls for his continued service reminded him of his duty to the country, compelling him to remain in office to address pressing issues such as the border crisis.

The encouragement for Green to run again was not limited to his immediate circle.

In a public post, Trump expressed his hope for Green's re-election, praising his political skills and his contributions as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. Trump's endorsement highlights Green's significant role and influence in Congress.

"While my strong desire was to leave Congress at the end of this year, since my announcement, I have received countless calls from constituents, colleagues, and President Trump urging me to reconsider," Green stated, reflecting on his decision.

His commitment to addressing the nation's challenges, particularly the border crisis, has been a driving force behind his change of heart.

"I was reminded of the words of General MacArthur on a statue at West Point: 'Duty, honor, country.' I realized, once again: I had a duty to my country to fulfill. I will be running for re-election so I can be here on Day 1 next year to help President Trump end this border crisis once and for all," Green expressed, citing the inspiration behind his renewed commitment.

A pivotal moment for Homeland Security and border issues

Green's role as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee has placed him at the forefront of national security and border control discussions.

His decision to continue in this capacity underscores the importance of experienced leadership in addressing these critical issues.

The announcement of Green's initial retirement had raised concerns about the continuity of efforts and initiatives within the Homeland Security Committee.

With his decision to run for re-election, Green aims to ensure that the progress made in enhancing national security and managing border control is not only maintained but advanced.

Trump's endorsement of Green underscores the former president's influence in Republican politics and his ongoing engagement with key policy issues.

Trump said:

Mark Green has had lots of options because of his political talents, and the great job he has done as a Congressman, but given the fantastic work he's doing as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, I hope he runs for Re-Election to the U.S. House of Representatives. If he does, he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Reassessing the fight against Washington's challenges

Earlier last month, Green's statement about not seeking re-election reflected a deep frustration with the state of politics in Washington.

He had expressed a desire to serve the country in a new capacity, outside the confines of Congress, where he felt the real battle against the establishment needed to be fought.

Last month, Green said:

Our country–and our Congress–is broken beyond most means of repair. I have come to realize our fight is not here within Washington, our fight is with Washington. As I have done my entire life, I will continue serving this country–but in a new capacity.

However, the outpouring of support and the call to duty have led Green to reassess his role and the impact he can have from within Congress.

By choosing to run for re-election, Green is signaling his commitment to continue fighting for change from within the system, leveraging his position to influence policy and advocate for his constituents.


  • Mark Green reverses his retirement decision, influenced by support from constituents, colleagues, and former President Donald Trump.
  • Trump's endorsement emphasizes Green's critical role in Congress, especially as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.
  • Green's commitment to addressing the border crisis and other national issues is central to his decision to seek re-election.
  • The outpouring of support reflects the broader political dynamics and the importance of experienced leadership in addressing complex issues.
  • Green's journey from contemplating retirement to reaffirming his commitment to public service underscores the challenges and responsibilities inherent in political life.