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Alex Marlow: Biden Withholding Arms to Israel an Impeachable Offense

 May 11, 2024

Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart, recently criticized President Joe Biden's decision to withhold weapons from Israel on a national television program.

Airing his views on Fox Business Network's Kudlow, Marlow labeled the move as potentially impeachable, paralleling it with a past controversy involving former President Donald Trump, as Breitbart reports.

Marlow's discussion with show host Larry Kudlow brought forward serious allegations against President Biden concerning his recent foreign policy decision.

Biden's Controversial Decision and Its Backdrop

The main point of contention stems from Biden’s announcement that the U.S. would not be releasing previously appropriated funds meant for Israeli defense.

This decision comes despite the U.S. Congress having passed bills specifically allocating these funds to Israel.

Comparison was immediately drawn to Donald Trump's impeachment, which involved a similar withholding of funds.

Trump, however, had delayed funds to Ukraine, asserting it was to check for corruption before release, a point not raised in Biden's case.

Marlow Highlights Potential Consequences

During the broadcast, Marlow articulated that withholding these funds could lead directly to Israeli military disadvantages and potentially cost lives. He argued that such a significant decision, taken during a time of conflict, could be seen as a betrayal by the U.S.

"Yeah, this is impeachment by the Democrat’s own standards. They tried to impeach Trump for allegedly doing the same stuff. This is clear as day, Congress has already appropriated this money and Democrats are now saying, Joe Biden is now saying we’re not giving to Israel,” Marlow explained.

Kudlow Compares Biden’s Actions With Trump’s Impeachment

Kudlow also weighed in on the issue, drawing parallels between Biden’s actions and those of Trump which led to his impeachment.

The host emphasized the gravity of Biden's decision by describing it as a direct defiance of congressional authority.

“This is a breaking of the law. They passed the Supplemental Appropriations Bill and passed the National Defense Authorization Bill, both of which gave Israel money and Biden to stop it. You can’t just willy-nilly say to Congress, I’m not doing what you told me to do,” said Kudlow.

The Political Ramifications of Biden’s Decision

Marlow further commented on the potential political fallout from Biden's decision, suggesting it could be devastating for his administration.

He mentioned the impact on Biden’s promise to be an unwavering ally to Israel, now seen as unfulfilled.

“Larry, look what is going to happen now. What is going to happen now is Israel is going to have to send soldiers in on the ground and they’re going to die. There’s blood on the hands of Joe Biden for this move. It is impeachable. Most importantly, he promised to be an ironclad ally of Israel and now what we are seeing is he’s reneged on that. This is a massive lie and a broken promise. I think it is going to be politically devastating for Joe Biden,” he added.

Conclusion: A Potent Issue of Legal and Ethical Dimensions

In conclusion, the withholding of funds to Israel by President Biden, previously authorized by Congress, has sparked significant controversy and calls for impeachment.

Critics like Alex Marlow argue this could lead to unnecessary Israeli military casualties and represents a significant policy betrayal.

The comparison to Trump's impeachment over similar issues adds a layer of complexity to the debate, suggesting a potential legal and ethical quagmire for the current administration.