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Mass shooter kills 1, injured 4 others

 May 4, 2023

Atlanta police were called to Northside Medical Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday at about 12:08 p.m. due to reports of an active shooter inside the building.

The shooter, Deion Patterson, opened fire in the hospital waiting area, killing one and injuring four others. One person was pronounced dead on the scene, while the four survivors were transported to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment, according to the Daily Mail.

Serious Injuries Inflicted

One person was admitted with a gunshot wound in the abdomen, and another was wounded in the arm, a hospital representative told the Daily Mail.

Another person was shot in the face, and hospital workers have been using an interventional radiology procedure involving inserting catheters directly into blood vessels in an effort to stop the bleeding.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Jansen commented that all those who were admitted have experienced "particularly serious" injuries.

Patterson had an appointment at Northside Medical Hospital earlier that day, and his mother, Minyone Patterson accompanied him, according to AP News.

In a phone interview with AP News, she said Deion had been suffering from anxiety and depression and had received some medication from the Veterans Affairs health system.

Gunman's Mother Claims he was ‘Mentally Unstable’

She added that he had "some mental instability going on," and wanted some Ativan to help alleviate some of that, but the VA refused to give it to him, telling her they believed it would be "too addicting."

She explained that she's a nurse, and he would only be taking the proper dosage because he listened to her, "in every way."

"Those families, those families," she said as she began to cry, "They're hurting because they wouldn't give my son his damn Ativan.

"Those families lost their loved ones because he had a mental break because they wouldn't listen to me."

Shooter Previously Discharged from Military Service

Patterson served with The Coast Guard beginning in 2018, and then was discharged from active duty in January 2023, according to the Daily Mail.

The Coast Guard released in connection to the event: "Our deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families. The Coast Guard Investigative Service is working closely with the Atlanta Police Department and local authorities in the investigation.

'Mr. Patterson entered the Coast Guard in July 2018 and last served as an Electrician's Mate Second Class."

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens released a statement on Wednesday declaring that, "We have a national epidemic of gun violence in America.

"We have a serious problem with how we are treating mental health in this nation."

He went on to state that "it doesn't have to be this way," and spoke of the importance of background checks and a better system of flagging people who pose a risk to society and themselves if they are allowed to possess a gun.

Patterson was apprehended and taken into custody by the Atlanta police by Wednesday night, and will be standing trial for his alleged crimes, according to CNN.