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Matt Gaetz claims evidence FBI agent tried to spike Hunter Biden investigation

By Sarah May on
 April 4, 2023

As Republicans continue to probe Biden family business dealings and the weaponization of the federal government by the current administration, Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-01) has just issued letters to Twitter and to an alleged girlfriend of retired FBI agent whom whistleblowers accuse of burying incriminating information related to first son Hunter Biden, as the Daily Mail reports.

Gaetz has requested that Melissa Morgan-Ransome, an apparently close associate of former FBI special agent Timothy Thibault, preserve documents and data related to a Twitter account that she utilized – @MissyMorganFit – but has since deleted.

Gaetz ramps up

The Florida lawmaker announced the move Monday on Twitter, and explained why he believes Ransome's social media activity may be germane to the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government's mission.

Gaetz began, “The Twitter account of disgraced FBI agent Timothy Thibault's girlfriend was uncovered this past weekend.”

“Her public tweets suggest the FBI is going to retaliate against the whistleblowers who came forward to Congress about [Thibault's] role in covering up Hunter Biden's laptop. The account also alludes to having insider knowledge on both the whistleblowers and the congressional investigations into Mr. Thibault,” Gaetz continued.

“Today, I'm sending a letter to Twitter, and Melissa “Missy” Morgan-Ransome herself, to preserve all data and records related to the now-deleted @MissyMorganFit account,” the congressman concluded.

FBI's “point man”

As Miranda Devine of the New York Post reported last year, whistleblowers inside the federal government came forward to allege that Thibault materially interfered with a probe of Hunter Biden and suppressed damning info provided to the FBI by his former business associate, Tony Bobulinski.

According to Bobulinski, Thibault never engaged in any follow up regarding his claims, despite being the FBI's designated “point man” on the matter, and the evidence given to him seemed never to see further light of day.

Thibault, for his part, retired from the agency amid a growing probe of his anti-Trump posts on social media and after multiple senators on the Republican side of the aisle publicly accused him of taking active steps to hide revelations about Hunter Biden that could have impacted his father's 2020 presidential campaign.

The former FBI special agent denied all claims of wrongdoing but did not offer any explanation of what became of the materials provided by Bobulinski, stating also that he was neither asked to resign nor forced out of the agency, but retired in the normal course after 20 years of service.

Cooperation refused

As the Post reported separately last year, despite multiple attempts by House Judiciary Committee Republicans to secure his assistance in their probe of Hunter Biden, Thibault has flatly refused to cooperate.

Thibault's lawyer told the lawmakers, “Concerning the request for an interview, because the subject matter pertains to sensitive law enforcement information and/or pending investigations, our client is not in a position to accept this invitation at this juncture.”

In late January, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (OH-04) demanded that Thibault “immediately cooperate” with his panel's probe by appearing “promptly” for a transcribed interview.

“To date, you have not complied with our request that you appear for a transcribed interview before the Commitee. This obstruction must stop,” wrote Jordan in a letter to Thibault.

Questionable tweets

Newly surfaced tweets from Thibault's girlfriend have, according to Gaetz, implicated potential violations of federal law in that they appear to involve attempts to intimidate whistleblowers.

“The 'anonymous' whistleblowers are lying...You will find out soon enough,” Morgan-Ransome wrote, as the Mail noted, adding, “Do you actually think I'm going to tell you everything I know?”

Morgan-Ransome, who has often been pictured with Thibault in social media posts, later tweeted that the whistleblowers who came forward against him “aren't as anonymous as they believe” and that in doing so, they “put their jobs and futures on the line.”

Precisely where the subcommittee's probe goes from here in terms of pursuing this line of potential evidence and attempting to compel Thibault's participation remains to be seen, but as Gaetz's latest salvo suggests, it is clear that panel members have no plans to slow their pace anytime soon.