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Maxine Waters Urges DOJ to Probe Trump Backers She Says Are Prepping for Conflict

 May 7, 2024

In a recent appearance on MSNBC's The Sunday Show, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) expressed alarm over former President Donald Trump and what she says is his supporters' potential for violence.

Highlighting the activities of right-wing organizations, Waters stressed what she believes is the urgency of Justice Department intervention against those who back Trump, as Breitbart reports.

During her televised discussion, Waters elaborated on the preparations by certain groups for a possible civil war, expressing fears about their intentions towards specific communities.

Concerns Over Constitutional Disregard and Authoritarian Leanings

Waters criticized Trump's persistent denial of the previous presidential election results, painting a picture of a leader unwilling to abide by democratic norms.

She raised concerns about his supposed disregard for the Constitution and authoritarian tendencies, urging the public to take his threats of violence seriously.

The congresswoman described Trump as a figure who continues to undermine democratic principles by refusing to acknowledge his electoral defeat.

Waters Calls for Government Action Against Potential Threats

Anticipating future unrest, Waters announced plans to approach the Justice Department and President Joe Biden to discuss protective measures against possible violence should Trump lose another election.

She said her focus is on understanding the operations and plans of right-wing organizations she claims are linked with Trump, emphasizing the need for preemptive strategies.

"We need to know now, given he is telling us there is going to be violence if he loses, we need to know what his plan is and how we are going to be protected," Waters explained.

Trump's Rhetoric: Promoting Violence and Planning Revenge

According to Waters, Trump's speeches and actions suggest he might incite violence as a form of retribution against those he views as enemies, including specific racial groups.

She expressed deep concern over what she says are racially charged statements and the potential targeting of people of color in orchestrated attacks.

"When he talks about race, we know, and I’m going to tell you again today, Donald Trump is a pure racist," Waters stated, highlighting the direct impact of his rhetoric on societal tensions.

Urgent Need for Strategic Response to Trump's Influence

Waters' call to action involves not just a government response but also what she claims is the need for a societal acknowledgment of the dangers she says are posed by Trump's potential encouragement of civil unrest.

The lawmaker insists that the government must disclose its plans to address any threats and to protect the country from the fallout of Trump's actions.

Final Thoughts: Waters' Expression of Alarm

As the conversation concluded, Waters reiterated her concerns about the readiness of Trump-aligned organizations and their preparations for what they perceive as an inevitable conflict.

She emphasized the importance of proactive government measures to safeguard communities and uphold democratic values in the face of threats to civil society.

Her warnings serve as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in navigating the political landscape during contentious elections.


In summary, Rep. Maxine Waters has voiced her serious concerns about Donald Trump and his supporters, who she believes are preparing for violent conflict.

Highlighting what she says is the need for urgent intervention by the Justice Department, she warns of constitutional dangers and the potential for racially motivated violence, urging a comprehensive government strategy to address threats she believes are imminent.