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McConnell has another medical event during news conference

 August 31, 2023

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) froze for over 30 seconds during a conversation with journalists at an event in his home state on Wednesday, as Fox News reported.

The incident occurred after a reporter sought McConnell's viewpoint on his potential 2026 re-election campaign. Seemingly taken aback, McConnell asked for clarification on the question.

"What are your thoughts on running for re-election in 2026?" the reporter repeated.

Assistant's Quick Intervention

After the question, McConnell, 81, began to stare forward, and after about 10 seconds, an assistant interjected, inquiring if he'd caught the question.

McConnell affirmed with a "yes," however, his attention appeared to be elsewhere, leading the aide to comment, "we're going to need a minute."

The aide subsequently sought help from someone who looked to be part of McConnell's security team. After an approximate 30-second pause, the senator seemed to gather himself, clearing his throat and saying, "I'm okay."

McConnell addressed an additional two questions from the journalists, with his assistant conveying the subjects to him. Following these exchanges, he exited the event.

Official Statement on the Incident

After the conference, a representative for McConnell addressed the incident, stating, "Leader McConnell felt momentarily light-headed and paused during his press conference today."

Adding to the statement, another aide mentioned, "While he feels fine, as a prudential measure, the Leader will be consulting a physician prior to his next event."

Recurrent Difficulties

This is not the first instance in which McConnell showed signs of distress during a press event.

Last month, during a conference with fellow GOP representatives in Washington, D.C., McConnell suffered a similar lapse.

John Barrasso, a Republican senator from Wyoming who is a physician, approached McConnell to ensure his well-being and guided him away from the stand, as the awkward situation became apparent, as CBS News reported.

The senator soon resumed to address press questions, assuring journalists he was " fine."

A staff member from McConnell's team subsequently mentioned he "felt light-headed and stepped away for a moment."

The event in July stirred a surge of worry about McConnell's well-being among his senate colleagues as well as President Joe Biden.

The president reached out directly to the senator to inquire about his condition.

McConnell later explained that he informed the president that he "got sandbagged," alluding to an incident in which Biden stumbled over a sandbag at the U.S. Air Force Academy's graduation event earlier this summer.