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Meghan Markle appears to have removed her engagement ring in public photos

 August 19, 2023

Meghan Markle's engagement ring has been noticeably absent in recent public appearances, raising eyebrows across the globe.

Markle, known for her exquisite taste in jewelry, has recently been seen without her £140,000 diamond engagement ring. This observation has sparked curiosity among many, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Meghan's love for jewelry

The wife of Prince Harry has always been in the spotlight for her choice of jewelry, be it an elegant Cartier bangle or a personalized necklace.

However, since May, a significant piece seems to be missing from her collection, namely, her engagement ring.

Also known as the Duchess of Sussex, the 42-year-old mother of two has made several appearances without her iconic ring.

This piece had previously been upgraded by Meghan, who reportedly added a band of diamonds to the original design.

Recent sightings without the ring

Meghan was recently seen without the ring during a lunch with friends. A selfie from this outing, shared online by her friend and celebrity hairdresser Kadi Lee, shows Meghan alongside author Cleo Wade at a restaurant garden.

The reason for the ring's absence remains undisclosed. However, Meghan was also seen without it during a recent appointment in Montecito, California.

Interestingly, she did wear a $4 anti-stress patch and a $1,625 wool coat, despite the warm summer weather.

History of the engagement ring

Prince Harry proposed to Meghan in November 2017 with a unique ring. It featured a solid yellow gold band set with three diamonds.

The duke collaborated with jewelers Cleave and Company to create this custom design.

The ring's central diamond came from Botswana, while the two smaller stones were said to come from the late Princess Diana's own collection.

Harry mentioned that the inclusion of his mother's diamonds ensured her presence in the couple's journey together.

Meghan expressed her love for the ring, emphasizing its significance and the connection to Botswana.

Previous alterations and appearances

Meghan chose not to wear her engagement ring during some public events in 2019, while she was pregnant with son Archie.

During the Trooping the Colour that year, it was revealed that the Duchess had modified the engagement ring that Harry designed for her.

Jeweler expert Arabel Lebrusan confirmed the ring's alteration, suggesting it was adjusted to enhance the appearance of the original diamonds.

The new design, with a thinner band, made the diamonds appear larger.

Expert opinions on the ring's design

Lebrusan, owner of ethical jewelry brand Arabel Lebrusan, highlighted the popularity of the thinner band trend among celebrities.

She noted that Meghan's diamonds now appeared more prominent due to the micro-set design of the band.

Another jewelry expert, Leora Moreno, owner of Leo With Love, speculated that the changes might have been made to match Meghan's eternity ring. She observed similarities in the settings of both rings.

Recent events and the missing ring

In the 2022 biography of the due entitled Finding Freedom, author Omid Scobie claimed that it was the duke who had altered Meghan's ring.

Lorraine Schwartz, a renowned jeweler, praised Harry's romantic and thoughtful nature.

However, in recent months, Meghan's engagement ring has been conspicuously absent.

In May, she was seen hiking without the ring near her Montecito mansion. This outing occurred shortly after she missed King Charles' coronation.

On another occasion in May, Meghan again did not wear her engagement ring. Instead, she sported only her wedding band and an eternity ring.

This was during the Ms Foundation for Women's 50th anniversary event in Manhattan.

More recently, during the aforementioned summer lunch with friends in California, Meghan was once again seen without this key piece of jewelry.

In a photo shared by Kadi Lee on Instagram, Meghan looked radiant, but her engagement ring was noticeably absent from her finger.


  • Meghan Markle has been seen without her engagement ring on multiple occasions.
  • The ring, valued at £140,000, was custom designed with diamonds from Botswana and Princess Diana's collection.
  • Meghan had previously altered the ring's design in 2019.
  • The reason for the ring's recent absence remains unknown.