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Meghan Markle now very unpopular in America, poll shows

 September 10, 2023

Meghan Markle's popularity in the United States has sharply declined, as recent polls indicate a negative approval rating in her home country.

Despite their recent media endeavors and appearances, she and her husband, Prince Harry, have yet to regain the favor of the American public, as the Daily Mail reported.

Markle's efforts to return to her Hollywood circle, recently attending a star-studded birthday concert featuring Beyoncé, couldn't prevent her popularity from slipping.

Markle's Falling Popularity: A Look at the Numbers

Newsweek published the results of a recent poll which indicated that only 31% of Americans view Markle favorably, as opposed to 33% who hold the opposite sentiment, resulting in a net approval of minus 2.

Comparatively, this is a sharp decline, as data from the same outlet previously showed her at a positive 23-point rating as recently as December.

It seems the narratives surrounding her struggle with the royal establishment and her unique position as a divorced, mixed-race individual in the royal family lost their impact by June, bringing her approval down significantly.

The Sussexes: A Comparative Analysis

Prince Harry, on the other hand, has managed to sustain a slightly better image, currently holding an approval rating of 12%.

However, this is also a decrease from his previous 18%. Since their notable exit from royal duties in January 2020, the couple has faced challenges in establishing their new identities in North America.

The recently released Netflix documentary titled Harry and Meghan did not fare well, with fewer than a million U.S. viewers tuning in for the premiere episode.

In contrast, the U.K., despite its smaller population and where the couple's popularity is notably lower, saw over 2.4 million viewers.

Before this, in December 2022, the Newsweek poll showed Meghan at a plus-23 rating and Harry at an impressive plus-38. After Harry's release of his revealing memoir Spare, however, both experienced significant drops in approval ratings.

Their efforts to break into the streaming world again didn't meet expectations. Harry's subsequent Netflix project focused on the Invictus Games, titled Heart of Invictus, didn't make the platform's top ten after its launch at the end of August.

Public Perception and Media Portrayals

The couple's perceived inconsistencies regarding their desire for privacy was humorously pointed out in an episode of South Park earlier this year. Reports suggest that the couple did not receive the parody very well, with Meghan especially taking issue with her portrayal.

Nevertheless, Meghan did experience a brief surge in U.S. popularity, with her approval rising somewhat in June. In the same timeframe, Harry had an approval rating of 12%.

After Meghan's appearance at Beyoncé's concert, it was clear that she is keen to ingratiate herself in the world of Hollywood celebrity.

According to reports, Meghan may revive The Tig, the lifestyle blog she ran prior to her marriage, in an effort to compete with brands such Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, and reports suggest that she might return to Instagram, where she could earn significant amounts of money per sponsored post.

Some believe she aims to move beyond the royal narrative and focus on a positive image, while Prince Harry seeks to enhance his image as a global philanthropic leader.