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Meghan Markle wrote King Charles after racist comments

By Sarah May on
 April 23, 2023

In the wake of an announcement that Prince Harry would be attending his father's upcoming coronation ceremony alone, news has emerged that his wife, Meghan Markle, wrote to her father-in-law back in 2021 about what she called “unconscious bias” within the royal family, but reportedly did not find their correspondence satisfactory, according to the Daily Mail.

The outlet indicated that Markle's letter to the then-Prince of Wales was in response to one he sent to her following the bombshell interview she and Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey in which allegations of racism concerning their yet-to-be-born son were raised.

Letters exchanged

The U.K. Telegraph reported this week that in a letter to Charles, Meghan made her feelings about the situation known, referencing the identity of the senior family member who made the allegedly incendiary comment speculating about the eventual shade of her unborn child's skin.

According to the outlet, both Charles and Meghan noted in their letters that the relative's remark was not issued with malicious intent, and the latter reportedly claimed that she had not meant to accuse any family member of racism, but was simply speaking to the concept of “unconscious bias.”

Charles, for his part, is reported to have articulated his sense of sadness over the rifts that had developed between the U.S.-based couple and the rest of the family, the Telegraph noted, and said he was disappointed that they aired their grievances in such a public manner.

Though the tone of the letters was reportedly cordial, the outlet noted that the exchange did little to alter Markle's belief that she had been woefully mistreated during her time in Britain with regard to the Palace's handling of bullying allegations against her as well as claims of mental health problems she says culminated in suicidal thoughts.

Harry's walkback

Despite the fact that he and Meghan made headlines for leveling what appeared to many viewers as an outright claim of racism against the Royal family during their interview with Winfrey, Harry later appeared to have second thoughts, as the Mail noted.

During a January interview with Tom Bradby on ITV, Harry denied that any such assertion was made by him or his wife.

Bradby said during the chat, “In the Oprah interview, you accused members of your family of racism,” to which Harry replied, “no, I didn't” and added, “the British press said that.”

“There is a difference between racism and unconscious bias, the two things are different,” Harry said, perhaps attempting a course-correction following backlash over his memoir, Spare, and the six-part Netflix docuseries in which he and Meghan lobbed additional salvos at his family.

Prodigal son poised for return

Despite the ongoing tensions among Harry, his wife, and the Royal family, the Mail reports that the King's second son was “desperate” to attend the coronation and is “homesick” for aspects of his life in England.

As such, he reportedly made multiple efforts to make contact with this father to make arrangements for his attendance, though Charles is said to have made time for just a single conversation that did, ultimately, pave the way for his return for the May 6 festivities.

Harry's decision to attend came after much back-and-forth, reportedly over security and seating arrangements and his apparent attempts – albeit unsuccessful – to secure inclusion in the traditional balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace with the rest of the senior royals.

Though Harry will indeed be present at Westminster Abbey for the most significant moment in his father's life, he will reportedly depart his homeland almost as soon as he arrives, with reports indicating that he will not attend the star-studded celebratory concert set for May 7 at Windsor Castle and will return swiftly to California instead.

Meghan in exile?

Markle, for her part, will not be making the trans-Atlantic journey and neither will the couple's two children, Archie and Lilibet, who were not invited to the coronation ceremony itself, due to their young ages.

Rather, Markle will remain at the pair's Montecito, California residence, where a birthday celebration will reportedly be held for Archie, who turns four on the same day as the coronation.

It remains unknown whether Harry's wife has decided to steer clear of London because the coronation conflicted with her son's big day, because of her unresolved beefs with the Royal family, or because she simply fears the public backlash against her in England would be too boisterous to bear.

Regardless of the true reason for her absence, however, a royal source told the Mail of the outcome, “Charles will be pleased. The rest of the family will be relieved that Meghan won't be there – it would have been particularly uncomfortable for Kate,” referencing Prince William's wife, Catherine. As such, in terms of securing at least some semblance of family harmony for coronation day, it appears perhaps that all's well that ends well.