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Meghan McCain says her children will never go to a woke college: ‘over my dead body’

 June 3, 2023

Meghan McCain blasted the thought of her children attending a "woke" college, saying it's not worth it.

McCain shared the searing critique ina a new op-ed for the Daily Mail.

Not Worth it

"The way things are going in academia today – college is the last place I would pay for my kids to attend," McCain wrote.

"The vile, unhinged commencement address at The City University of New York's law school is just the latest example of what passes for acceptable rhetoric in our modern academic cesspools," she added.

The Opposite of Education

“This is the law school that passed and endorsed BDS on a student and faculty level, recognizing that absent a critical imperialism settler colonialism lens, our work and the school’s mission statement is void of value as Israel continues to indiscriminately rain bullets and bombs on worshipers, murdering the old, the young, attacking the funerals and graveyards as it encourages lynch mobs,” the student in the CUNY law school speech said, according to the Times of Israel.

“May we rejoice in the corners of our New York City bedroom apartments and dining tables, may it be fuel for the fight against capitalism, racism, imperialism, and Zionism around the world,” she said, adding, “by any means necessary.” She received several rounds of applause from the students and faculty at the event.

The College Enrollment Problem

"Across the nation, college enrollment in two-year and four-year colleges dropped 0.5% in 2023. In Michigan, enrollment dropped by 2.2%," CBS News reported.

"'I think it's an urgent issue,' said Erica Orians, the vice president of the Michigan Community College Association," in the report.

"College undergraduate enrollment fell 4.9 percent in the spring, according to data from the National Student Clearinghouse, and community colleges saw a 9.5 percent decrease in enrollment," Forbes reported during the pandemic.

"The changes to the aid process will take place for the 2021-2022 application cycle with the hopes of helping 'approximately 200,000 more students from low-income backgrounds and students of color enroll in college,' the department noted in a press release," it added.

The numbers have improved since the pandemic but remain lower than expected. The issue appears to be more than COVID or even paperwork.

Instead, McCain represents a growing number of parents who oppose many colleges over political issues that could have a long-term impact on the nation.

The latest op-ed shows at least one prominent voice advocating against funds for higher education in a trend others may follow.