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Megyn Kelly unloads on media for giving Biden a pass on son Hunter’s dealings

 September 13, 2023

Journalist Megyn Kelly has leveled claims of serious media bias with regard to Hunter Biden's numerous controversies.

Kelly has vocalized her concerns over the manner in which the media has covered Hunter Biden's questionable business activities, and she particularly emphasized the role of Chris Wallace, who moderated one of the 2020 presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, as the Daily Mail reports.

Kelly recalls Wallace's debate moderation

A former Fox News anchor herself, Kelly recently revisited the September 2020 presidential debate on her SiriusXM podcast.

During her discussion, she expressed astonishment at how her former Fox News colleague, Chris Wallace moderated the aforementioned debate and handled questions about Hunter Biden's business dealings.

She remarked on the way Wallace intervened when then-President Trump questioned Joe Biden on this subject. Kelly commented:

He raised the corruption of Hunter, and I remember him being shut down by Chris Wallace at the time. It was remarkable.

Kelly’s stance on letting candidates spar

Kelly, who has prior experience moderating debates in 2015 and 2016, believes that allowing candidates to challenge each other is beneficial for open discourse.

She voiced her shock at Wallace's refusal to let Trump confront Biden about his son's affairs, saying:

He wouldn't let him Trump berate Joe Biden. Let Joe Biden hold his own. Let Trump say, 'That's not true. He didn't do this? Give me an answer.' He kept protecting Joe Biden.

Implications of a rigged 2020 election

The former Fox News anchor further opined that such moderation techniques strengthened her notion that the 2020 election process was biased in favor of Biden.

Speaking about a range of incidents, including the way in which the New York Post's reporting on Hunter Biden's abandoned computer was sidelined, she stated:

From the laptop lies and the shutting down, of course, of the New York Post reporting to this moment, right here on the presidential debate stage... And he [Chris Wallace] kept shutting it down, shutting it down.

Supporting views from a columnist

Kelly's sentiments were mirrored by podcast guest Maureen Callahan, a columnist.

Callahan pointed out the media's evident bias, emphasizing the protection Joe Biden received throughout his campaign.

She voiced her concerns, saying:

It was so obvious what was going on. There was protection, like a force field around Joe Biden - don't ruffle his feathers, let's get him through this election, so we can get back to normalcy.

Kelly revisits 60 Minutes incident

Kelly also drew attention to another instance in which Trump attempted to highlight Hunter Biden's business transactions on the show 60 Minutes.

Reflecting on how Trump's concerns were consistently dismissed by the media, Kelly remarked:

You have to feel for Trump. He tried. He put himself out there with 60 Minutes... The answer from the left-wing press was 'No. You can't even talk about it.'

Contrasting views on Wallace

Interestingly, Kelly's current views on Wallace's debate moderation are notably different from her initial response.

In October 2020, she expressed that Wallace should have been more assertive in controlling Trump's interruptions.

At the time, Kelly told People magazine:

During the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Wallace did need a mute button. But constantly interrupting is too disruptive to the viewers. So I'm going to keep their backs protected, and when you get out of hand this is what I'm going to do.


  • Megyn Kelly expressed concerns about how the media and presidential debate moderators like Chris Wallace approached Hunter Biden's business activities.
  • Kelly believes allowing candidates to challenge each other is vital for open discourse.
  • The perceived media bias towards Biden is a recurring theme in Kelly's views.
  • Columnist Maureen Callahan echoed Kelly's sentiments on media bias.
  • Trump's attempts to raise concerns about Hunter Biden, even outside of the debates, were consistently dismissed by the media, Kelly contends.
  • Kelly's current opinions contrast her initial thoughts on Wallace's debate moderation.