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Megyn Kelly, who famously sparred with Trump during a presidential debate, is defending him

 April 4, 2023

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is no fan of former President Donald Trump, as she was highly critical of him throughout his tenure in office following their public feud that began during a 2016 GOP presidential primary debate.

Yet, even Kelly is calling out the impending criminal indictment and prosecution of Trump by the Democratic Manhattan district attorney as being politically motivated, the Daily Mail reported.

Kelly further expressed concern over the negative "impact" the situation would have on the country and highlighted how "aggravating" and frustrating it was to see Trump run through the prosecutorial wringer while others, such as failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or President Joe Biden's son Hunter are held to entirely different standards for similar or arguably more serious alleged crimes.

"Very clearly a political move"

The surprising remarks about Donald Trump from Megyn Kelly came during Monday's episode of her SiriusXM podcast "The Megyn Kelly Show" during which she discussed the criminal indictment and alleged charges with attorneys Arthur Aidala and Dave Aronberg as well as conservative author and pundit Victor Davis Hanson.

"I think it's horrible, too," Kelly said of the Manhattan grand jury indictment now being pursued by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. "I think it helps [Trump] politically but it's horrible for the country, and it's gonna be horrible for him to go through. And it's going to be horrible for us to go through."

She went on to note how DA Bragg had essentially run for office and won on a promise to eventually prosecute Trump and how he had initially been hesitant to move forward on this particular case but ultimately did so under critical pressure from biased career prosecutors in his office plus Democrats and the media more broadly.

"It's very clearly a political move," Kelly asserted.

"Massive political hypocrisy" on public display

At a later point in the program, Kelly highlighted the overtly disparate treatment former President Trump has received in comparison to others like Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden during a conversation with Victor Davis Hanson.

In discussing the "massive political hypocrisy" on display here, Hanson listed off several alleged felonious crimes that Clinton dodged accountability for and suggested that it would be difficult for the American people to be convinced that the nation's laws are upheld equally for all regardless of partisan affiliation.

Hanson further sought to prove his point by noting the wealth of information that has been leaked about Trump's possession at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida of alleged classified documents in contrast with the exceptionally limited amount of information that has been revealed thus far about President Joe Biden's own allegedly illicit possession of classified documents from his prior tenure as vice president and senator.

 Hillary's lawyers were doing her "dirty work" for years

At another point, while speaking with Florida state attorney Aronberg about Trump's classified documents issue and how one of his attorneys has been compelled by a court to testify against the former president, Kelly paused to reference Hillary Clinton and how she is similarly alleged to have used her attorneys for "dirty work" but has received a "total pass" in that regard.

"I'm not defending – If he got a subpoena and he had documents, that's not OK. As a lawyer, you don't have to persuade me. You're supposed to treat subpoenas very respectfully," she said. "It's just so aggravating because [Clinton] has gotten away with so much."

"We just went through this whole thing where she used her lawyer to go into the FBI and try to sic them on Donald Trump and say that he was using some Russian bank to hide his nefarious dealings," Kelly continued. "She's been using lawyers to do her dirty work forever, and we just generally haven't had a practice of criminalizing the behavior of somebody in her position. Yes, we've sniffed around the lawyers from time to time, but this is – everything with him is different."

An unacceptable double standard

Kelly raised very valid points about the glaring appearance of double standards and partisan motivations in the justice system by drawing comparisons to the way Trump has faced serious prosecutorial scrutiny on multiple fronts while Clinton has essentially skated past any real accountability in relation to multiple alleged crimes of her own.

She also pointed out that this overt duality is "horrible for the country" and that most Americans simply won't accept seeing Trump convicted and punished while others like Clinton or Hunter Biden walk free with a "lack of consequences" for their alleged criminal misdeeds.