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Melania Held Major Influence in Marriage, Says Donald Trump's Former Assistant

 May 10, 2024

During the Trump hush money trial in New York this week, Madeleine Westerhout discussed her views on the defendant's relationship with his wife.

Westerhout, former executive assistant to President Donald Trump, delivered poignant testimony in a Manhattan courtroom, sharing insights into the marital dynamics between Donald and Melania Trump and suggesting that the former first lady held considerable influence within the union, as the Daily Mail reports.

The witness described the Trumps' marriage as one founded on mutual respect. She revealed that Donald frequently sought Melania's presence and advice, illustrating their close connection despite the external pressures of his presidency.

The Context of Westerhout's Testimony

Stormy Daniels had recently testified about a $130,000 payment she received to remain silent about an alleged affair with Donald Trump. This testimony formed a backdrop to Westerhout’s remarks about Mr. and Mrs. Trump's personal relationship.

Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business records, which he has denied, related to Daniels' claims of a tryst. This legal battle provided a stark contrast to the personal anecdotes Westerhout shared about the Trump family's inner workings.

She reminisced about Melania asking when Donald would return home, a slice of normalcy in their high-profile life, highlighting the human side of their relationship often overshadowed by public scrutiny.

Insights Into the Trumps' Personal Life

Westerhout emphasized Melania’s significant influence within her marriage, recounting moments when Donald Trump demonstrated his deep respect for her opinions. "Melania Trump was 'definitely the one in charge' in her marriage to Donald Trump," Westerhout stated in her testimony.

The anecdotes extended to personal interactions, such as Melania and Donald waving to each other from different parts of the White House, which painted a picture of an intimate partnership amidst the often-turbulent waters of political life.

Her portrayal of the Trumps’ marriage was intended to shed light on their relationship's strength and depth, standing firm even as the Stormy Daniels scandal unfolded.

Westerhout's Professional and Personal Reflections

Westerhout's professional journey in the White House came to an abrupt end after she shared indiscreet comments with journalists, a mistake she tearfully regretted. "I said some things I should not have said. Ultimately, it cost me my job and I’m very regretful of my youthful indiscretion," she confessed.

Despite this setback, Westerhout spoke highly of her time with Trump, emphasizing his respect for her work and how valued she felt, even in an office dominated by older men. This professional respect was a cornerstone of her positive recollections of her tenure.

After leaving the White House, Westerhout sought to share her experiences through a book, aiming to portray a more personal side of Trump that she believed was often misrepresented or overlooked in public discourse.

Linking to Earlier Campaign Controversies

In her testimony, Westerhout also touched upon key figures from Trump's early presidency, like Michael Cohen and David Pecker. These names were linked to the payments that have since shadowed Trump’s political saga.

Her perspective provided a unique insider view, connecting the dots between the early days of Trump’s administration and the ongoing legal challenges he faces.

The narrative she presented juxtaposed the complexities of political and personal life within one of America’s most scrutinized families.


In conclusion, Madeleine Westerhout's testimony offered a unique glimpse into the private and political dynamics of the Trump family, underscored by her professional highs and lows.

Her accounts highlight Melania Trump’s significant influence and the enduring respect within their marriage, providing a counter-narrative to the public controversies surrounding them.

Westerhout's reflections not only illuminate her personal growth but also attempt to clarify the often-misunderstood aspects of Trump's presidency from an insider's perspective.