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Melania Trump Plans $100K-Per-Head Fundraiser for GOP LGBT Group at Trump Tower

 June 19, 2024

In a rare political engagement, Melania Trump is set to host a high-profile fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans, demonstrating her ongoing support for the LGBT community within the GOP.

Melania Trump will convene a significant fundraising event on July 8 at Trump Tower, charging $100,000 per attendee, an engagement strategically scheduled just before former President Donald Trump's criminal sentencing in New York, as the Daily Mail reports.

The fundraiser is aimed at supporting the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that represents LGBTQ conservatives and allies. Scheduled for July 8 at Trump Tower in Manhattan, this event marks one of Melania's few public appearances on the 2024 campaign trail to date.

This is not the first time Mrs. Trump has shown her support for the Log Cabin Republicans. Earlier in April, she hosted a similar event at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, underscoring her long-standing relationship with the group.

The former first lady, largely out of the public spotlight since the 2020 election, has kept her political engagements selective, focusing on causes and groups she has supported over the years.

A Glimpse into Melania's Political Engagements

Despite her limited public appearances, Melania's involvement with the Log Cabin Republicans has been consistent. She has participated in several events supporting the organization over the years.

Morgan Ortagus, a former State Department Spokesperson, praised Melania's dedication: "Melania Trump is a kind and graceful woman, and any Republican grassroots organization would welcome her appearance."

Ortagus further highlighted, "She sets an important example for all future Republican First Ladies (and maybe one day a first man!)." This statement reflects the broader party endorsement Melania has secured through her actions.

Event Details and Co-hosts

The upcoming New York City event will be held at Melania's own residence, Trump Tower, adding a personal touch to her political activism.

The event is co-hosted by prominent figures such as Richard Grenell, Bryan Eure, Bill White, and Nazee and Joseph Moinian, all known for their influence in Republican circles.

Following the main event, investor Hannah Buchan will host a reception, further extending the evening's networking opportunities for attendees.

Broader Impact and Timing

The timing of the fundraiser is particularly significant, coming right before Donald Trump's sentencing in the New York hush money case. This highlights a critical juxtaposition of personal support within a challenging political landscape.

Ortagus commented on the strategic importance of the event: "As a longtime supporter of Log Cabin Republicans, it is encouraging to see the former President and former First Lady setting the tone in our party to support an organization that is vital to our grassroots efforts, to winning the youth vote, and to winning the general election in November."

Such events are crucial not just for fundraising but also for shaping the narrative and outreach strategies of the Republican Party as it gears up for the upcoming election cycle.

Reflecting on Melania's Role in GOP

Aside from the Log Cabin Republicans, Melania has engaged in other significant political activities. She has been active in fundraisers and meetings across South Florida and even hosted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at Mar-a-Lago.

These engagements reflect her strategic role in the broader GOP framework, particularly in appealing to a diverse electorate and enhancing the party's inclusivity efforts.

Her selective appearances and targeted support have crafted a unique political path for Melania Trump within the Republican Party, emphasizing quality over quantity in her public engagements.


In conclusion, Melania Trump's upcoming fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans not only underscores her longstanding commitment to LGBTQ issues within the GOP but also highlights her strategic influence in shaping the party's outreach.

With a mix of personal involvement and political foresight, Melania continues to be a pivotal figure in the evolving landscape of Republican politics.