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Actor Michael B. Jordan has been cleared of all charges in car wreck

By Stew Davidson
January 27, 2024

Noted actor Michael B. Jordan will not face charges following his involvement in a car crash in Hollywood last year.

Jordan, renowned for his roles in blockbuster films, found himself at the center of a legal inquiry after his Ferrari collided with a parked car in Hollywood.

The incident, which occurred on Dec. 3 on Sunset Boulevard, initially raised questions about Jordan's involvement. However, law enforcement sources have now confirmed that the investigation into Jordan's actions has been concluded, with no charges filed against him, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The investigation concludes with no charges

The complexities of the case, as reported by TMZ, lay in the inability of the police to conclusively determine if Jordan was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

This uncertainty played a crucial role in the decision not to pursue charges against the 36-year-old actor.

Further complicating the investigation was a video that emerged after the crash. It depicted Jordan's blue Ferrari and another red sports car racing, yet it was insufficient for authorities to conclude whether Jordan was speeding before the accident.

An insider had previously informed the Mail that Jordan was indeed driving the Ferrari during the incident. However, this claim alone was not enough to sway the decision from police.

Video evidence and witness reports

The video in question captured the moments leading up to the crash but did not provide a clear view of the driver.

Shot from a distance, it failed to conclusively show who was driving Jordan's car or whether the vehicle was exceeding the speed limit before losing control and colliding with a parked Kia.

According to law enforcement sources, the primary potential charge Jordan could have faced was related to street racing. However, proving this would have required either a police witness to the driving or strong evidence confirming Jordan's presence behind the wheel. None of these were available to the investigators.

Police arrived at the scene after the accident, and the available video footage did not provide the necessary clarity to charge Jordan with speeding or other related offenses. Consequently, officials had no choice but to dismiss the case.

Jordan's interactions with law enforcement

Following the crash, Jordan was observed speaking with police.

However, it remains unclear whether the police questioned him about his role in driving the car or if he declined to answer such inquiries.

It was also reported that no evidence suggested Jordan was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Nevertheless, a field sobriety test was not administered to the actor.

Despite the absence of charges, a source close to the situation maintained to that Jordan was the driver.

They described the incident as an unfortunate accident, emphasizing that Jordan was more concerned about the damage to his car and was relieved that no one was hurt.

Insider's view of the incident

The insider said:

It was an actual accident. Michael was annoyed that he ruined his car, but that can get fixed. He was, and is, embarrassed about it all as he accidentally had his foot on the gas and didn't brake in time.

The source further explained the series of events leading to the accident and Jordan's feelings about the incident, noting his relief that nobody was injured.

Interestingly, this accident occurred just days before Jordan attended a promotional event for his film Creed 3, in which he starred as well as directed.

Reports indicate that he appeared in high spirits at the event, showing no signs of distress or injury from the recent accident.

Post-accident public appearance and reactions

A reporter from attempted to capture footage of the car and its occupants interacting with the police. However, they faced resistance from Jordan's security team.

The collision resulted in significant damage to both Jordan's Ferrari and the parked car. The Ferrari, in particular, lost its front passenger-side tire, as reported by KTLA, who initially obtained the video of the crash.

As of now, law enforcement officers have not released any names related to the scene, maintaining privacy as no charges were initially filed.


  • Michael B. Jordan involved in a car crash in Hollywood; no charges filed.
  • Investigation hindered by lack of conclusive evidence on who was driving.
  • Video footage inconclusive, and police unable to prove street racing charges.
  • Jordan's public appearance after the accident shows him undisturbed.
  • Privacy maintained in the case as no names were released by law enforcement.