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Rumors swirl about Michelle Obama's plans to take Biden’s place in 2024 election

By Mandy Donalds
January 30, 2024

Rumors continue to suggest that Michelle Obama might replace Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race.

This conjecture has gained momentum amidst the backdrop of President Biden's declining support and former President Donald Trump's rising popularity in polls. The New York Post recently hinted at a strategic plan involving Michelle Obama, as The Blaze reported.

Unfolding political drama and speculations

According to various sources, there is talk of President Biden announcing his decision not to run in May, potentially paving the way for Michelle Obama to receive the Democratic nomination without a primary vote during the oarty's national convention in August.

This scenario has stirred discussions among political commentators and the public alike.

Conservative commentator Dave Rubin shared insights into this unfolding narrative.

The plan, as alleged, has been in the making for quite some time. A Post columnist, Cindy Adams, reported that in the summer, Michelle Obama met with major hedge fund CEOs in New York City, signaling her intention to run and seeking their support.

The Democratic Party, aware of the need for a strong candidate, is reportedly considering various options, including Mrs. Obama and California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Sara Gonzales, in conversation with Dave Rubin, expressed her concerns about the prospect of Michelle Obama running, suggesting it could be a formidable challenge for the party.

Diverging opinions and skepticism

However, not everyone is convinced about the likelihood of such a plan.

Author and podcaster Michael Malice has expressed skepticism, labeling the idea of Michelle Obama's candidacy as a "boomer fantasy."

He pointed out her lack of experience in elected office and the improbability of other Democratic candidates stepping aside to make room for her.

"The idea that if Biden is incapacitated that she'd be the plan B is crazy," Malice remarked.

He further elaborated on the implausibility of such a leak coming through a columnist like Adams, suggesting that if there were a genuine plan, it would likely have been kept more confidential.

Some sources also suggest that former President Barack Obama has been polling donors, possibly in preparation for a potential campaign involving his wife.

Political landscape and voter sentiments

The political dynamics in Washington, D.C. are described as increasingly complex and troubled, raising concerns among voters on both sides of the aisle.

The notion of a centrist leader who could appeal to the majority of independent voters has been suggested as a possible solution to the current divisiveness in Congress.

Amidst these rumors, Michelle Obama's team is said to have conducted a survey among significant donors to gauge their reaction to her potential candidacy. This step, if true, could indicate the beginning of a more concrete plan for her to enter the race.

Uncertain future and emerging possibilities

As the political scene continues to evolve, the possibility of Michelle Obama's candidacy remains a subject of much debate and speculation.

While some view it as a strong move for the Democratic Party, others remain skeptical about its feasibility and impact.

With the Democratic National Convention approaching in August, the political community is closely watching for any official announcements or shifts in strategy.

The idea of Michelle Obama stepping into the race, whether real or not, has undeniably sparked a conversation about the future of American politics and the Democratic Party's direction.


  • Rumors suggest Michelle Obama might replace Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race.
  • Speculation is fueled by reports of her meeting with major hedge fund CEOs and potential strategic plans within the Democratic Party.
  • Opinions are divided, with some expressing skepticism about her candidacy's feasibility.
  • The political environment is marked by a need for strong, centrist leadership amid a divided Congress.
  • The potential candidacy of Michelle Obama has sparked widespread discussion and anticipation of future political developments.