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Millionaire dentist sentenced to life in prison after killing his wife on African safari

 August 23, 2023

Larry Rudolph, a 68-year-old dentist who owned a lucrative practice in Pennsylvania, was handed a life sentence on Monday for the 2016 murder of his wife during their African safari, as Daily Wire reported.

Last year, a jury found Rudolph guilty of two counts stemming from his wife Bianca's murder as well as mail fraud that facilitated his collecting a hefty $4.8 million in life insurance benefits following her demise.

In a statement during the sentencing, Bianca's brother, Vincent Finizio, remarked, "Even Judas would be afraid to be in your company," as the New York Post reported.

Contrasting Narratives

Rudolph painted a picture of a tragic accident, saying Bianca inadvertently shot herself as she hurriedly packed their firearm during their safari. The prosecution, however, argued that Rudolph was the perpetrator, staging the scene after the fatal act.

U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan for the District of Colorado -- in which Rudolph resided -- commented on the outcome of the case saying, "This result shows that no matter how much money, prestige, or power you have, you will be held accountable for your crimes."

In addition to his life sentence for the murder on foreign soil, Rudolph faces a simultaneous 20-year sentence for mail fraud.

He must also pay restitution of nearly $5 million and pay an extra $2 million in penalties.

Moreover, assets purchased with the insurance money, which the defense argues amounts to nearly $9 million, including luxurious homes and cars like an Aston Martin DB-11 and Bentley Bentayga, will be forfeited. Despite the weight of the evidence, Rudolph continues to claim his innocence.

The Events and Suspicion

The fatal incident unfolded on Oct. 11, 2016. The spouses, returning from a hunting trip in Zambia, were preparing for their journey home, as the Daily Beast reported.

According to Rudolph's courtroom testimony, he heard Bianca's distressed call for assistance, followed by a gunshot. When he reached her, he found her lifeless, presumably from an accidental gunshot landing in her chest.

However, many close to Bianca cast doubts on Rudolph's narrative. For instance, the hasty cremation of Bianca's body in Zambia raised eyebrows.

An intimate friend of Bianca's approached the FBI with concerns, citing Rudolph's infidelity and alleging emotional abuse. This friend also highlighted the couple's financial disagreements.

Compounding suspicions, in the wake of Bianca's death, Rudolph's behavior was not that of a grieving husband. Before her funeral, he processed the insurance claim and planned a Las Vegas getaway.

He also frequently socialized with Lori Milliron, the manager of his dental business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with whom he previously had a relationship while Bianca was alive.

A witness recounted an explosive argument between the two, with Rudolph exclaiming, "I f***ing killed my wife for you." Rudolph later argued this was a misinterpretation.

While he admitted to an open marital arrangement and said Bianca was aware of his affair, the evidence presented in court hinted at deeper malfeasance. Prosecutors pointed to the physical impossibility of the self-inflicted gunshot and suggested financial motives, including Rudolph's unwillingness to share his significant net worth with Bianca in a potential divorce.

The jury also found Milliron guilty at trial. She faced charges including having served as an accessory to the murder, impeding a grand jury, and committing perjury twice before a grand jury. However, she was also acquitted on two separate counts of perjury.