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Missouri AG Files FOIA Over DOJ and Trump Case Coordination

 May 10, 2024
Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated a Freedom of Information Act request to uncover alleged coordination between the U.S. Department of Justice and various prosecutors in the legal actions against Donald Trump, Fox News reported.

Missouri's Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, has formally requested DOJ communications with key legal figures in Trump's prosecution. The FOIA targets exchanges with Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Jack Smith, and Fani Willis.

Bailey's inquiry suggests federal influence in politics, particularly targeting Trump's 2024 campaign. The request covers communications about Matthew Colangelo, a DOJ official now with Bragg's office amid ongoing investigations.

Detailed Chronology of the Investigation

Trump’s trial, now on its 14th day, sees continuous witness testimony, a pivotal point Bailey suggests may be politically driven. The FOIA request arises amidst escalating scrutiny of judicial actions aligning with political goals.

Alvin Bragg, involved in the trial, previously campaigned against Trump, vowing to focus on him if elected. Since his election, Bragg has personally overseen Trump's business investigation, sparking criticism of bias.

Bailey contends these prosecutions, which he views as weak, hinder Trump's campaign, alleging political motives over justice.

Political Repercussions and Public Statements

Bailey alleges the current administration's campaign involvement, pointing to a Biden-Harris social media post. This post highlighted Biden's active campaign schedule during Trump's legal proceedings, serving as potential coordination against Trump.

Bailey stated investigations and prosecutions of Trump seem coordinated with the DOJ, emphasizing strategic timing. His request aims to uncover political motives by revealing detailed DOJ and prosecutor discussions.

The DOJ has not responded to Bailey's accusations or the FOIA request, fueling public and political interest and raising concerns about judicial impartiality.

Exploring the Implications of DOJ Communications

Bailey's information request is thorough, seeking emails, communication records, and meeting notes involving DOJ personnel and prosecutors. His inquiry into Matthew Colangelo’s role probes potential deeper coordination.

Bragg's pre- and post-election statements are key to Bailey's argument, supporting claims of political motives. Bailey contrasts Biden's campaign activities with Trump's court obligations, highlighting what he sees as an unfair advantage.

This contrast underscores Bailey's perception of the timing of Trump's legal challenges favoring Biden.

Conclusion and Broader Context

In conclusion, Attorney General Andrew Bailey's FOIA request aims to uncover possible political interference in Trump's legal proceedings. By seeking transparency in DOJ communications with other prosecutors, Bailey hopes to assess the judicial process's integrity. Whether this inquiry uncovers coordination, or routine communications is yet to be determined.