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Mitt Romney refuses to say whether he will run for re-election as 2024 primary looms

 August 22, 2023

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (R) reportedly remains undecided about his intentions for the upcoming 2024 Senate primary race.

In a recent development, Romney has expressed uncertainty about whether he will stand for another term in the upper chamber. This comes after enduring years of criticism from former President Donald Trump and his supporters, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Romney's political journey

Senator Romney, 76, has been a significant figure in the Republican Party. However, his stance against the former president has made him a target for the Trump-supporting faction within the party.

Trump supporters often label the senator as a Republican in Name Only, or "RINO." Despite this, Romney has been vocal about his beliefs, suggesting that the party should rally behind someone other than Trump for the presidential race.

Romney is now at a crossroads, contemplating whether he should participate in a potentially grueling primary battle in Utah.

The state, which was once lukewarm towards Trump and his allies, now seems to favor the former president over Romney, according to recent polls.

Romney said:

I'll make my own decision based upon my assessment of what I would be able to accomplish in the second term.

The changing political landscape of Utah

Utah's political climate has seen a shift over the years. A poll conducted in June by Deseret News and the University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics revealed that 47% of Republican voters felt Trump represented them better.

In contrast, only 39% sided with Romney. Interestingly, Trump had only secured third place in Utah's presidential caucus in 2016.

This changing dynamic has paved the way for potential contenders who align more with Trump's positions.

Brad Wilson, the Utah state House speaker, has set up an exploratory committee. However, he is awaiting Romney's decision before making his final call.

Notably, Wilson, shortly after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, filed a motion paying tribute to Trump. He already enjoys the support of 60 Utah House and Senate members.

Trump's relentless criticism

Trump's disdain for Romney is no secret. The former president has consistently targeted Romney, especially since the Utah senator voted for his impeachment.

Trump's recent comments on his media platform, Truth Social, further highlight this animosity. He questioned:

Who is a worse Senator, John ‘The Stiff’ Cornyn of Texas, or Mitt ‘The Loser’ Romney of Massachusetts (Utah?)? They are both weak, ineffective, and very bad for the Republican Party, and our Nation.

Trump's criticism of Romney has been a recurring theme in his rally speeches, painting him as weak and detrimental to the Republican Party.

The road ahead for Romney

The political arena is rife with challenges for Romney. While he remains a favorite target for Trump, other potential contenders are also emerging.

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz is among those who might join the race.

Romney's reputation as an establishment Republican contrasts sharply with the rising influence of Trump in the party.

This divergence has put Romney in a challenging position as he contemplates his political future.


  • Senator Mitt Romney is uncertain about running for re-election in 2024.
  • He has faced criticism from Donald Trump and his supporters within the Republican Party.
  • Utah's political climate is shifting, with many now favoring Trump over Romney.
  • Brad Wilson, Utah state House speaker, is a potential contender for Romney's Senate seat.
  • Trump continues to target Romney, questioning his effectiveness as a senator.
  • Other potential candidates, like former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, are also on the horizon.
  • Romney's decision will significantly impact the political landscape in Utah and the broader Republican Party.