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More Biden family members were helped by Hunter Biden’s business deals: Report

By Sarah May on
 April 18, 2023

Roughly a month after it was revealed that Hallie Biden – widow of President Joe Biden's late son, Beau, and former girlfriend of his other son, Hunter, benefitted from the family's business entanglements in China, comes news that several more yet-to-be-named members of the clan may also have gained from those deals, as the New York Post reports.

The latest developments in the ongoing House probe of Biden family business dealings were described Monday by Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (KY-01).

SARs examined

As the Daily Wire noted, several panel Republicans visited the Treasury Department this week to examine a group of suspicious activity reports (SARs) related to the Bidens, access to which members claimed had been wrongfully denied by administration officials.

SARs are sent by financial institutions to the Treasury Department whenever particular transactions raise concerns about illegality, and members of the Biden family had reportedly been the subject of many such transmittals over the course of several years.

In comments regarding the review that occurred Monday, Comer stated, “Thousands of pages of financial records related to the Biden family, their companies, and associates' business schemes were made available to members of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which confirm the importance of this investigation.”

Comer continued, “The Biden family enterprise is centered on Joe Biden's political career and connections, and it has generated an exorbitant amount of money for the Biden family. We've identified six additional members of Joe Biden's family who may have benefited from the Biden family's businesses that we are investigating, bringing the total number of those involved or benefiting to nine.”

Mace reacts

Among the Republicans who examined the SARs involving the Bidens was Rep. Nancy Mace (SC-01), who provided her take on what was revealed during her visit to the Treasury Department.

Posting a selfie-style video in which she broke down some of what she saw, Mace declared that the number of Bidens involved in questionable business schemes was “more than previously known,” said that the amount of money involved was “astronomical,” and characterized the “accusations of prostitution rings” as “wild.” WATCH:

Echoing Comer on what seems to be the ever-expanding nature of the Biden family business probe, Mace stated, “[E]very time you look under a stone, there's so much more you have to investigate....”

Democrats fume

Unsurprisingly, Democrats on the Oversight Committee took issue with their Republican colleagues' statements on the matter.

Minority members on the panel issued a steatement to the Daily Mail saying, “Committee Republicans continue to mischaracterize Suspicious Activity Reports as evidence of misconduct or criminality, instead of calling them what they are: unsubstantiated tips that rarely result in any follow-up by law enforcement.”

“Let's be honest about what this is – it's another opportunity for Committee Republicans to rush to Fox News to mislead the public about what has been happening behind closed doors to justify their fishing expedition,” the statement went on.

No Democrats joined in the visit to the Treasury Department to review the SARs on Monday, according to a committee aide, and while it is the case that they have access to the documents, it is unclear whether anyone from that side of the aisle has delved into them.

Probe moves forward

In the wake of Monday's document review, Comer made it clear that the committee's work will continue apace in the coming days and that additional details of its findings will be made public, as the Daily Wire noted.

“The Oversight Committee will continue to pursue additional bank records to follow the Bidens' tangled web of financial transactions to determine if the Biden family has been targeted by foreign actors and if there is a national security threat,” the chairman stated.

“We will soon provide the public with more information about what we've uncovered to date. The American people need transparency and accountability, and the Oversight Committee will deliver much needed answers,” Comer added.

Fox News made a request to the White House for comment on Monday's developments, but none was immediately forthcoming, and where the Oversight investigation will lead next, only time will tell.