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More Democrats favor Christie than Republicans, GOP candidate learns

 August 18, 2023

In a surprising turn, GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie has been found to be favored more by Democrats than by his own party members.

Fox News recently reported on a poll that has caught the attention of many political observers. This unexpected trend in favorability ratings is reshaping the narrative of the upcoming presidential race, with Christie's appeal seemingly crossing party lines. The findings have led to increased discussions about the potential implications for the GOP and the broader political landscape.

Quinnipiac University's revealing poll

Former New Jersey Republican Governor and current Republican 2024 hopeful Chris Christie seems to be resonating with an unexpected demographic.

A poll from Quinnipiac University disclosed that 32% of Democrats view Christie positively as a presidential primary candidate. In contrast, only 17% of Republicans shared this favorable view.

The survey took place from Aug. 10 to 14 and has a margin of error of ±2.3 percentage points. This unexpected shift in favorability has left many political analysts pondering the reasons behind such a change.

Consistent findings from Fox News Poll

A separate Fox News Poll echoed these findings. Conducted between Aug. 11 and 14, that poll showed that 22% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Christie.

This made Christie the top Republican candidate among self-identified Democrat voters. Next came former Vice President Mike Pence, who was viewed positively by 17% of polled Democrats.

All other GOP candidates received favorability ratings of 11% or less from the Democratic respondents. The consistency between the two polls further solidifies the data's credibility.

Christie's public feud with Trump

Christie's rise in the polls is happening amidst his ongoing public disagreements with former President Donald Trump.

In a recent exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Christie referred to Trump as "a child."

He further dismissed a claim in which Trump said he defended Christie against a derogatory comment about his weight from an audience member.

Christie stated:

There was no guy in the audience who yelled out the other name that he called me. He made it up like he always does.

This feud has been a significant talking point in recent political discussions.

Uncertainty around Trump's debate participation

The former president has yet to confirm his participation in the upcoming first Republican debate against other GOP contenders.

However, Christie seems to be challenging Trump to a face-off.

He said:

Look, I'll make it real easy for Donald Trump. You're such a big guy, such a tough guy, so full of it. You want me? I'll be on the stage in Milwaukee two weeks from tonight. I'll be there waiting for you. You be there, I'll be there.

The debate's outcome could have a significant impact on the GOP's future direction.

Upcoming GOP debate details

The first Republican presidential debate is set to occur on Aug. 23 in Milwaukee.

Fox News is hosting this highly anticipated event.

Many are eager to see if Trump will indeed participate and how the dynamics will play out on stage, especially given the recent tensions between the two prominent figures.


  • Chris Christie is gaining unexpected support from Democrats in his presidential campaign.
  • A Quinnipiac University poll revealed that 32% of Democrats view Christie positively, while only 17% of Republicans do.
  • A separate Fox News Poll found Christie to be the most favored Republican candidate among Democrats.
  • Christie and former President Trump have been publicly feuding, adding another layer of intrigue to the upcoming GOP debates.
  • The first Republican presidential debate is scheduled for Aug. 23 in Milwaukee.