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Nancy Pelosi Acknowledges Role in Delaying National Guard Assistance on Jan. 6

 June 12, 2024

In a shocking revelation, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has seemingly admitted her involvement in the security lapses during the Jan. 6 Capitol unrest.

Recently released footage shows Pelosi acknowledging her role in the National Guard's delayed response on that fateful day, as the Daily Mail reports.

Nearly three and a half years after the tumultuous events of Jan. 6, 2021, a newly released video has brought fresh insights into the day's chaotic security preparations.

The video, recorded by Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra, captures a candid moment of Pelosi during her evacuation from the Capitol.

Pelosi Recorded Discussing Security Lapses During Capitol Unrest

In the footage, Pelosi is visibly distressed as she questions the absence of the National Guard. "Why weren't the National Guard there to begin with?" she asks, highlighting her frustration with the situation.

This admission directly challenges the previously held belief that the Trump administration was solely to blame for the security failures.

Pelosi's acknowledgment came amidst the riot's escalation, captured while she was in a car, hastily leaving the chaos behind. "This is ridiculous," she remarked, reflecting on the gravity of the security oversight.

Release Of Video Stirs Debate Over Responsibility for Capitol Security

The release of this footage by the Republican-led House Administration's Subcommittee on Oversight has sparked a significant shift in the narrative surrounding the events of January 6. It underscores a broader spectrum of responsibility, extending beyond the confines of the Trump administration.

As the riot unfolded, key lawmakers including Pelosi were relocated to Fort McNair for safety. During this time, Pelosi was involved in coordinating a military response, expressing her disappointment with the slow approval process for National Guard involvement.

"You're going to ask me -- in the middle of the thing when they've already breached the inaugural stuff -- 'should we call the Capitol Police? I mean the National Guard,'" Pelosi recounted during the crisis.

Capitol Police Under Scrutiny for Lack of Preparedness

Pelosi also criticized the Capitol Police for the agency's failure to anticipate the violent turn of the protest. She emphasized the need for security officials to be more proactive in their planning for such a significant event. This critical view aligns with the broader concerns about the preparedness of various security forces that day.

Despite the speaker's jurisdiction over the Capitol Police, officials there confirmed not having requested additional National Guard support prior to the riot, which Pelosi attributed to a failure of communication.

Former Trump Advisor Speaks Out on National Guard Authorization

Amidst the revelations, former Trump advisor Kash Patel voiced his longstanding claim that the Trump administration had authorized the National Guard's deployment days before the unrest.

"For years- I testified under oath, in the media, and everywhere in between that Nancy Pelosi was responsible for not activating the National Guard on January 6 after President Trump constitutionally AUTHORIZED the guard- and provided the receipts," Patel told the Mail.

This statement adds another layer to the ongoing debate over who is to blame for the security failures that allowed the Capitol breach to occur.

Political Reactions and Implications of Pelosi's Admission

Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk criticized the Jan. 6 House Select Committee, accusing it of pursuing false political narratives and misusing taxpayer money. "Pelosi’s J6 Select Committee spent taxpayer’s money chasing false political narratives and using Hollywood producers for their ‘investigation'," Loudermilk stated, highlighting the political tension surrounding the committee's findings.

As the story continues to unfold, this admission by Pelosi not only reshapes the understanding of what transpired on Jan. 6 but also affects the political landscape, challenging the singular narrative of blame previously directed at former President Trump.

Conclusion: A Shift in Narrative and Future Implications

In conclusion, the newly released video of Nancy Pelosi admitting her part in the delay of the National Guard's deployment provides a crucial perspective on the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

The footage highlights the complexities of responsibility and the multifaceted nature of security preparedness. As this story develops, it remains to be seen how this revelation will influence the ongoing discourse around the Capitol protests and their aftermath.