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Former Navy captain warns Biden’s EV policies are threat to security

By Mandy Donalds
January 21, 2024

A group of 17 retired military officers, including ex-Navy Captain Bob "Shoebob" Carey, have expressed deep concerns about the national security implications of the Biden administration's push towards electric vehicles (EVs).

In a letter addressed to President Joe Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these veterans cautioned that the U.S. might become dangerously reliant on China due to the aggressive EV policies, as Fox News reported.

The China Dependence Argument

Captain Carey, in an interview with America's Newsroom, articulated that the move towards EVs is "fundamentally wrong" and creates an unhealthy dependency on China, which he labels as the U.S.'s "biggest potential enemy."

He emphasized that the production of EVs necessitates materials like lithium and gallium, resources heavily controlled by China.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that China dominates the production of lithium-ion batteries, essential for EVs, accounting for about 75% of global output.

Additionally, China controls 70% of the world's cathode production and 85% of anodes, critical components of these batteries.

EPA's Controversial Proposal and the Response

The focus of the letter is the EPA's proposal from April 2023, which would enforce the strictest tailpipe emissions regulations to date.

Under this plan, a significant proportion of new vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, buses, and freight tractors, are projected to be electric by 2032.

The White House has stated that stricter emissions standards for gasoline cars would indirectly promote zero-emission vehicles, aligning with Biden's goal for 50% of car purchases to be for electric models by 2030.

Carey argues that such a drastic transition should not undermine fossil fuel cars and internal combustion engines.

He believes the current approach, which focuses on limiting tailpipe emissions, fails to enhance the country's readiness for EVs while phasing out traditional vehicles.

The Balanced Approach to EV Transition

While the group of retired military officials does not oppose the inclusion of EVs in America's transportation landscape, their concern lies in the pace at which the Biden administration intends to integrate them.

The letter asserts that the current plans might rush the country into EV adoption without adequate infrastructure.

Signers urged the adoption of a more measured transition, considering both the availability of necessary resources and the impact on American consumers.

Captain Carey hopes the letter will highlight the flaws in the EPA's regulations and encourage public scrutiny.

He stresses that the current approach might lead to more significant problems, increasing the cost and reducing the reliability of driving for Americans.

The goal is to draw the EPA's attention to these issues and prompt a reevaluation of the agency's strategy.