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Netanyahu’s wife rescued after protestors trap her in hair salon

 March 4, 2023

Israeli police were forced to rescue Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara Netanyahu after a hair salon she visited was surrounded by protesters.

The Wednesday standoff lasted multiple hours before security arrived to safely extract the prime minister's wife from potential harm.

Terror continues

The incident occurred during a week of tense actions that included a terrorist attack that killed two brothers who were shot at point-blank range in their vehicle earlier this week.

The attack led to some violence among Israelis who responded in frustration over the Palestinian violence, leading the prime minister to release a statement calling for peace.

"I know among you are many citizens who love the country and who fervently support the judicial reform. I also know that there are many other citizens who also love the country, who oppose the reform with the same fervor," Netanyahu wrote.

"But in a democracy there are clear rules how to have a debate. There are red lines that cannot be crossed and it does not matter how deep, stormy and emotional the debate is. The sharp and clear red line is that violence and anarchy are absolutely forbidden," he added.

Netanyahu ended his statement with a clear appeal for calm as the nation's security seek to bring those responsible for justice.

"I am again calling for calm. I am calling for a halt to the violence and I believe and hope that we will soon find a path to dialogue. Nobody will raise a hand to his fellow, because we are brothers. We have no other country," he concluded.

A moving visit

The prime minister and his wife later visited the family of the Yaniv brothers on Thursday to express their condolences.

The Israeli leader has also faced ongoing public demonstrations from protesters arguing against judicial reform in the nation.

"Police said they arrested dozens of protesters nationwide for disturbing the peace Wednesday while 11 people were hospitalized with various injuries, according to Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center," the Daily Mail reported.

"Earlier in the day, protesters blocked Tel Aviv's main freeway and the highway connecting the city to Jerusalem, halting rush hour traffic for about an hour. At busy train stations in Tel Aviv, protesters prevented trains from departing by blocking their doors," Daily Mail added.

In addition to internal pressures, Israel continues to face ongoing threats from terrorists along its borders as well as problems from Iran and its continued push for a nuclear weapon.

The threat has now reached a new level, however, as the prime minister's wife faced attacks that have made the situation much more personal.