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New York mayor calls for Republican congressman’s resignation

By Sarah May on
 January 29, 2023

In the wake of seemingly endless revelations about the lies and misrepresentations put forth by then-candidate, now-Congressman George Santos (R-NY), Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has decided that he would like him to resign, as Politico reports.

The mayor's statement represents a reversal from one he made just weeks ago in which he pledged to work together with Santos for the good of the constituents in the parts of Queens and Long Island the controversial Republican was elected to represent.

Adams demands resignation

During an interview with CBS2 News, Adams made his feelings about Santos fully known, saying, “I believe personally that he should leave. I think he should resign.”

Referencing the innumerable, highly troubling revelations to emerge about Santos' background since his election in November, Adams added, “What you see is something that is unimaginable, and I think it only gets in the way of what needs to be done in Congress this year.”

Adams suggested that in the end, it was up to the electorate in New York to decide if Santos is the person they want in Washington, saying, “I think the voters have to make that determination.”

However, he reiterated his own take on the situation, concluding, “but personally, I believe it's time for him to leave.”

Swift reversal

The change of heart evidenced by Adams' comments is significant, considering that earlier in January, he resisted the urge to demand Santos' resignation, despite an outcry from others in his party for precisely that result. “I don't think my opinion matters here,” Adams said on Jan. 12.

Suggesting that the city's budget woes were simply too pressing to fight for Santos' departure, Adams added, “We're not leaving any stone unturned on who we should be sitting down with to make sure New Yorkers get the resources that they need.”

The New York Daily News previously reported that Adams and Santos had been scheduled to confer back on Dec. 13, approximately a week before the newly elected legislator started making headlines for a slew of outrageous biographical untruths that started coming to light.

Santos' staff ultimately canceled that meeting, and according to Politico, Adams had not spoken to the controversial Republican before or since.

Laundry list of lies

The tall tales spun by Santos over the years are still in the process of fully emerging, but the ones that have been exposed thus far are startlingly voluminous and fantastical in scope.

New York Magazine attempted to create a full catalogue of Santos' fabrications, which run the gamut from where he attended high school and college, to charities he claimed to have started, to the seemingly nebulous source of his self-declared wealth.

Some of the more shameful stories told by Santos over the years include claims that his mother was a victim of the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, that he “lost four employees” in the 2016 Pulse nightclub attack, and that his grandparents “survived the Holocaust” and “fled persecution during WWII.”

An openly gay man, Santos' very colorful past also reportedly includes time spent time as a drag performer in Brazil, and, despite the absence of evidence to prove it, he claims to have appeared in popular Disney Channel programming such as Hannah Montana and Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Hanging in – for now

Despite the humiliation of being caught out for an unfathomable tally of deceptions, Santos appears to be holding fast to his position in Congress, having cast a much-needed vote in now-Speaker Kevin McCarthy's quest for the gavel earlier this month.

In addition, Santos has secured appointments to two House committees, the Science, Space and Technology Committee as well as the Small Business Committee, even though the congressman has already admitted to falsely claiming to have work experience inside investment firms including Goldman Sachs.

That said, as the Washington Examiner noted this weekend, the Justice Department has reportedly asked the Federal Election Commission to hold off on enforcing any potential sanctions against Santos for alleged violations, pending the outcome of any yet-to-be-announced criminal investigation launched by the agency.

In light of that news as well as the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly probing Santos' role with a company it labeled a “classic Ponzi scheme,” it seems clear that the congressman may well have a very bumpy road ahead of him.