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Newsom says Dems too timid in criticism of DeSantis

By Stew Davidson
January 21, 2024

California Gov. Gavin Newsom told Bill Maher of his perception of hesitation within the Democratic Party, emphasizing his own willingness to criticize Republicans openly.

Newsom, however, refrained from discussing his own presidential ambitions during his recent appearance on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, instead focusing on the broader political landscape, as the Daily Mail reported.

The Newsom-DeSantis Exchange

On the show, the governor talked about his recent efforts to counter Republicans who consistently place the left in a defensive position.

Newsom engaged in a debate with Gov. Ron DeSantis on Nov. 30, during which the Californian directly challenged the Floridian presidential hopeful by stating, ''neither of us will be the nominee for our party in 2024."

This event, dubbed the Great Red State vs. Blue State Debate, highlighted the ongoing ideological battle between the two parties.

Newsom, in his conversation with Maher, insisted that his aim isn't to battle the GOP perpetually but to stand up to DeSantis the relentless attacks on liberal values.

Newsom's Call for Action Against the GOP

The California Democrat voiced his concern about America's regression in various social aspects, including voting, LGBT, and women's rights.

He stressed the importance of not just observing these changes but actively opposing them.

"You can sit by and say, 'I really want to get along' as these guys are rolling back the clock, or you can stand tall and assert yourself," Newsom stated.

He pointed out his active efforts in challenging Gov. DeSantis and running advertisements in conservative states as a means to counter what he views as the GOP's aggressive stance.

Critique of Cancel Culture

Newsom proceeded to criticize the Republican party for endorsing cancel culture in their responses to Disney, Target, and Bud Light, citing the well-known Dylan Mulvaney "woke" controversy following the beer company's failed campaign with a transgender activist.

The Democrat stressed the need to address the ongoing "cultural purge," which he claimed includes the banning of 3,362 books in the previous year.

He emphasized the need to make Republicans take a defensive stance for a change, as they are consistently trailing behind Democrats.

Ending his spirited remarks with a touch of humor, Newsom quipped, "I say all that with love in my heart."

The governor reassured Maher and the audience that his intentions were not to belittle anyone.

Instead, he emphasized the fundamental right of every individual to be treated with dignity, fostering a sense of respect, connection, and protection in society.

Maher joked with Newsom about a potential presidential run, but he remained tight-lipped about any forthcoming intentions to pursue the highest office.